5 Stars Tasty

from MA on wrote:

Delicious. I wanted to copy Starbuck's Iced Green Tea Latte, and was able to match it perfectly with this. Really, really good!

good with yoghurt

5 Stars good with yoghurt

from NY on wrote:

I did not like the bitter taste of the tea and was about to toss it till I thought about mixing it into yoghurt. It is yummy with yoghurt! I add a heaping teaspoon and a 2 packs of sweetener (I use one pack of stevia and one pack of splenda). Fold it gently first into the yoghurt or else you will have the powder flying all over. Once completely folded, stir vigorously till you get a lucscious, full green color. Enjoy!

Poor quality, over priced.

1 Star Poor quality, over priced.

from CA on wrote:

Quality matcha powder should be a bright, almost lemongrassy in color. When mixed with hot water for a traditional matcha tea, depending on how thick you like the consistency, the color should range from that lemongrass green to a deep emerald green without any brown undertones. When I prepared U-Matcha Natural with hot water, the brown undertones really came through and gave me more of a swamp green. Not appealing. In color alone this matcha falls short of what you should be getting for the price. At $17 for 1.5oz you're paying for ceremony grade matcha and receiving merely cooking grade. It has a strong, bitter taste; more of an earthy taste than fresh or vegetal, with not even a hint of sweetness. REALLY DISAPPOINTED. Don't waste your money; if youre buying matcha to make lattes and experiment with in the kitchen then buy a cheaper matcha. If youre a traditional matcha tea enthusiast then buy a different brand.

Wonderful ice cream!!!

5 Stars Wonderful ice cream!!!

from IL on wrote:

Had Matcha ice cream at a local ice cream store & loved it. So I went home & made my own, just as you describe. It has a wonderful refreshing, different flavor.