Poor quality, over priced.

1 Star Poor quality, over priced.

from CA on wrote:

Quality matcha powder should be a bright, almost lemongrassy in color. When mixed with hot water for a traditional matcha tea, depending on how thick you like the consistency, the color should range from that lemongrass green to a deep emerald green without any brown undertones. When I prepared U-Matcha Natural with hot water, the brown undertones really came through and gave me more of a swamp green. Not appealing. In color alone this matcha falls short of what you should be getting for the price. At $17 for 1.5oz you're paying for ceremony grade matcha and receiving merely cooking grade. It has a strong, bitter taste; more of an earthy taste than fresh or vegetal, with not even a hint of sweetness. REALLY DISAPPOINTED. Don't waste your money; if youre buying matcha to make lattes and experiment with in the kitchen then buy a cheaper matcha. If youre a traditional matcha tea enthusiast then buy a different brand.

Wonderful ice cream!!!

5 Stars Wonderful ice cream!!!

from IL on wrote:

Had Matcha ice cream at a local ice cream store & loved it. So I went home & made my own, just as you describe. It has a wonderful refreshing, different flavor.