Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Love this tea!!

Glenmoore, PA

I love this tea!! I have re-ordered 3 times. I tried to reproduce the flavor with regular matcha and ground ginger and regular matcha and grated fresh ginger, but I like this one best. A little cream and agave and it's awesome! Comfort food and dessert at the same time.

1 Star

Tastes like seaweed

Wheaton, IL

This tea was not my cup of tea. Package as loose tea that is stirred into hot water. Found it to be rather strong, so go light at first. Very strong flavor, tastes like seaweed. Blah.

4 Stars

A touch of ginger is perfect

Undeclared, NH

I love this delicate, soft matcha. It is perfect in plain greek yogurt, as well as a cup of tea, and I have used it in veggies. I agree with the previous reviewer, it is small for the price. So it has to be a treat and not a regular choice for me. And I would love to have it more often.

3 Stars

Columbia, SC

I bought this to make green tea ice cream, and I thought it would be a full tin. Instead, it's a very small bag inside of the tin. It tasted really good but had no ginger flavor. Also, it's overpriced for the quantity that you get.