Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars


Williamsburg , VA

I picked up some Matcha Latte from my beloved TJ's. Mistake. Several sugar-comas later, I tried u•matcha and instantly fell in love! This tea can stand alone. Amazed by how much I enjoyed this unsweetened! Beautiful.

5 Stars

Yummy Morning!

Lincoln County, OR

exactly what I was looking for. Whisked into a little very-hot water, then sweetened lightly and lightened with 1/4c half&half -- the perfect morning latte. Yummy rather than sweet -- with all the healthy benefits of macha and that wonderful toasted rice flavor of gen mai cha. Fresh. Green. Toasty. Exactly my cup of tea. Exactly.

5 Stars

Delicious twist on matcha

Baton Rouge, LA

If you enjoy Tea of Inquiry, or other teas with roasted rice, and you like matcha tea, you'll love this. The rice gives it that same delicious cereal flavor, without overpowering the matcha flavor. I love to have this (and all my matcha) in hot latte form; the cream smooths out the herbacious qualities a little bit.

1 Star

Everyone has their cup of tea, & this is not mine!

Stillwater, OK

This is reminiscent of the time I took a shot of wheat grass & decided I might as well be eating my lawn mower cuttings. It looks like a muddy green & has a very strong taste of dirt. I can subtly taste the brown rice, & the tea, but overall I just taste a murky dirt, with a bit of a fishy taste. How that got there, I dont know! I'm hoping I can find a way to use it in cooking, as I absolutely loved the tea oil I purchased (about as much as I disliked this) & hope this tea is better suited to cooking. I hate to have wasted 17.50 on this. I'll update my reading after I've tried cooking with it.

5 Stars

Yummy is right -

Radcliff, KY

I am not a fan of Green tea but made a latte with the umatcha/roasted brown rice. It was yummy as stated. Tea had a smooth warm flavor - nutty and not too green tasting at the same time. Very drinkable I'll make one everyday for a personal treat..