Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Versitile March 16, 2014

Chuck Smith

Swannanoa, NC

This infuser works well with a mug or a pot. The lid seals the leaves in nicely as they brew and functions as a drip tray to sit the basket on after brewing. Unlike another reviewer, I have found no leaves or bits in my tea as the mesh is very fine that only powder could pass through. I've even used mine to set in my kettle for brewing and afterwards pouring the brewed tea into a teapot for serving. As with any mesh infuser this one can be a challenge to clean. I've found the best tool for cleaning mine is a toothbrush. Honestly I would give it 10 teapots instead of 5.

3 Stars

Lots of leaf residue inside the cup April 24, 2013


, CA

I like the design and the drip cup/cover feature. Unfortunately, it doesn't function as well as I'd like. While the perforations in the infuser are quite small, I find an awful lot of leaf fragments are making it into the bottom of my cup. I can only imagine that they're getting through the seams that run along the side as well as the top and bottom of the infuser basket.