Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Glass Mugs

Pittsburgh, PA

Though one of my mugs cracked after very little use, The Republic of Tea took the initiative and replaced them immediately. The new ones are somewhat thicker glass and will more than likely stand the test of time. Nice to know The Republic of Tea stands behind the products it sells! Excellent customer service!

5 Stars

My favorite mug

Topeka, KS

I love that these mugs do not get hot to the touch but still keep my tea hot. These mugs also clean up very easily. I am planning on buying a set for my sister for Christmas.

5 Stars

Excellent mug

Minneapolis, MN

I love this mug. It keeps my coffee or tea hot longer than any other mug or cup. It is just the right size for me; not too big, not too small. I am so glad I ordered this but don't know what took me so long.

3 Stars


Paris, TX

Price, style, packaging, design and double-wall were all excellent. BUT THE CUPS ARE TOO LARGE for s slow sipper like myself. From now on I shall always purchase cups holding less than 10 ounces!!!

5 Stars

Lovely cups

La Mesa, CA

Wonderful cups. Pretty to look at and practical as well.

3 Stars

Very light in weight.

Memphis, TN

These mugs are much lighter in weight than I would have expected so I'm having to be more careful with them than I like. I'm afraid they might get bumped in the dishwasher and break, plus using a spoon to stir in milk or sugar needs to be done carefully. I'm not going to order a second set after all.

3 Stars

Nice but fragile!

Jacksonville, NC

These mugs are very nicely made and look great. They do stay room temperature to the touch when filled with hot tea or coffee. I haven't tried them with cold liquids but I suspect they would not get cold on the outside or produce condensation. The only problem is that they are constructed of very thin material! I have two sets of these (total of four mugs) and one of them has already gotten a hairline crack around the rim :(. These mugs are way too expensive to have one of them go bad after only a weeks worth of use! The crack is barley visible and not sharp but it has allowed liquid inside the mug causing condensation between the inside and outside glass layers.

5 Stars

My favorite cup!

Austin, TX

Absolutely my favorite cup. Rarely reach for any other cup. It is pleasing to the hand and to the mouth. Perhaps best of all, it keeps my hot beverage warm until it is consumed. I like it so much I have given these cups as gifts.

5 Stars

snuggle glass

Saint Paul, MN

We have the Pavina glasses and were happy to see mugs made the same way. It is so nice to have a handle, especially when having a hot drink. We use both the glasses and mugs every day.

5 Stars

very functional

Gordonsville, TN

This cup is perfect! Nicely balanced in the hand, not too thick-lipped, and it keeps your tea at good sipping temperature long enough that you don't have to hurry through your enjoyment of the perfect cup of tea. Highly recommended!