Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Great tea February 25, 2014


Chicago, IL

Great tasting tea, nice fruity flavor

5 Stars

Refreshing May 14, 2013


Columbus, OH

I was fascinated by this tea when I saw it was offered, and decided to try it. I was very pleased with what I found. For an herbal blend, this tea has a very interesting body. The moringa has an interesting complexity in its flavor, but it's paired perfectly with the mango and the subtle green rooibos. A unique cup of tea which I find oddly irresistible. I'll definitely be back for more.

1 Star

Disappointed May 06, 2013


Ann Arbor, MI

I am disappointed in the taste of this tea. I have tried Moringa green tea in the past. I recall it tasting better. As a rule, I do not drink herbal teas. Why not combine the herb in a green tea base? Also, adding a fruit or fruit combination flavor would have improved the taste.

5 Stars

Delicious and Refreshing March 28, 2013


San Francisco, CA

I bought this tea purely because of the nutritional purpose, but I was surprsied that the tea is so very flavorful! The mango flavoring gives the tea a bit of a sweet note that I find delicious. Give it a try!

5 Stars

Excellent flavourful tea March 08, 2013


Fineview, NY

Brilliant combination of flavors, subtle and refreshing. Very mild with a beautiful mango softness, and no caffeine, which means I can drink it any time of day or evening. My favorite tea of the moment.

Light, friendly March 07, 2013


, NC

This is a lovely tea, warm and light. Invigorating.

5 Stars

Surprisingly tasty especially with all the nutrients February 27, 2013


Kirkland, WA

I purchased this due to all the online information I was reading on how healthy Moringa is. It has so many unbelievable benefits. My friend bought the Moringa powder to start putting it into food/drinks and we tried tasting that and it was HORRIBLE! I was worried that there was no way they could make a tasteful tea with Moringa but I was proven wrong. This is definitely worth getting.

5 Stars

I love this tea! February 19, 2013


Tomah, WI

Very flavorful! I love this tea!!