Really DOES lower blood sugar

5 Stars Really DOES lower blood sugar

from CA on wrote:

I received a sample bag with my last order. The enclosed card described that it helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I was a bit skeptical but soon had a reason to try it when I had a late night meal and was worried how high my blood sugar would be the next morning. Surprisingly, I tested just slightly above the recommended level. I am planning to drink a nightly cup to see if I can reduce the dosage of my medications. It helps that it tastes good, too.

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from VT on wrote:

I usually don't try the free samples I get with my orders from Republic of Tea, but I am so glad I decided to try this one. It is quite simply the most delicious tea I have ever had. I have been wanting to eliminate all sweeteners from my tea, and the mango provides just enough natural sweetness that I no longer have to add any sweeteners. Like others, I do wish it was available in a tin can. The cans themselves are all so lovely. This tea is now a staple of my diet - couldn't imagine a day with a few cups of this amazing tea.

Moringa Good

5 Stars Moringa Good

from FL on wrote:

My husband and I enjoy the fruity task of this tea as a late night treat. One of our doctors recommended the tea as a holistic treatment.

Liver detox

5 Stars Liver detox

from PA on wrote:

Started drinking the Moringa tea last few weeks and my liver enzymes went from high levels to below normal levels . , better than taking drugs to get this detox effect.

Best Tea

5 Stars Best Tea

from PA on wrote:

It's hands down my favorite tea. I have always been an avid black tea drinker but in a spur-of-the-moment buy, I picked up this tea. Though hesitant at first, after trying it, it quickly became my daily sip. I love it so much. It's perfect iced and hot, making it an all seasons drink! I highly recommend it!

Moringa Time

5 Stars Moringa Time

from TX on wrote:

Love the efect of this tea ;) it smells incredible taste good I just love to add lemon and honey or stevia to my cup ;)

Makes me feel so good!

5 Stars Makes me feel so good!

from LA on wrote:

The taste is OK. I usually mix it with another flavored green or rooibos tea. But the taste is not the reason to drink it-- after a cup of this, I feel I can conquer the world :) It gives me energy & makes me feel "clear headed". If you are interested in this tea, I definitely recommend you try it.

Magnificent Moringa

5 Stars Magnificent Moringa

from HI on wrote:

This tea tastes great! Plus you get the benefits of the herb Moringa and all the benefits of the green tea. The mango adds the sweetness. Love it!!!!

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from IL on wrote:

Great tasting tea, nice fruity flavor


5 Stars Refreshing

from OH on wrote:

I was fascinated by this tea when I saw it was offered, and decided to try it. I was very pleased with what I found. For an herbal blend, this tea has a very interesting body. The moringa has an interesting complexity in its flavor, but it's paired perfectly with the mango and the subtle green rooibos. A unique cup of tea which I find oddly irresistible. I'll definitely be back for more.


1 Star Disappointed

from MI on wrote:

I am disappointed in the taste of this tea. I have tried Moringa green tea in the past. I recall it tasting better. As a rule, I do not drink herbal teas. Why not combine the herb in a green tea base? Also, adding a fruit or fruit combination flavor would have improved the taste.

Delicious and Refreshing

5 Stars Delicious and Refreshing

from CA on wrote:

I bought this tea purely because of the nutritional purpose, but I was surprsied that the tea is so very flavorful! The mango flavoring gives the tea a bit of a sweet note that I find delicious. Give it a try!

Excellent flavourful tea

5 Stars Excellent flavourful tea

from NY on wrote:

Brilliant combination of flavors, subtle and refreshing. Very mild with a beautiful mango softness, and no caffeine, which means I can drink it any time of day or evening. My favorite tea of the moment.

Light, friendly

Light, friendly

from NC on wrote:

This is a lovely tea, warm and light. Invigorating.

Surprisingly tasty especially with all the nutrients

5 Stars Surprisingly tasty especially with all the nutrients

from WA on wrote:

I purchased this due to all the online information I was reading on how healthy Moringa is. It has so many unbelievable benefits. My friend bought the Moringa powder to start putting it into food/drinks and we tried tasting that and it was HORRIBLE! I was worried that there was no way they could make a tasteful tea with Moringa but I was proven wrong. This is definitely worth getting.

I love this tea!

5 Stars I love this tea!

from WI on wrote:

Very flavorful! I love this tea!!