Tea Leaf Readings

2 Stars

Not what I was expecting. October 19, 2013


Williams Junction, AR

I was really looking forward to trying these teas. I should have read the list of ingredients prior to ordering. They contain ingredients that overwhelm the flavor of the supposed top notes. For instance, the Fall Tea is advertised as "Almond and hazelnuts are sweetened with apples and grapes...". All I can taste is hibiscus, the second ingredient behind apple bits in the fine print on the tin. I like hibiscus, but if I had wanted a hibiscus tea, I would have ordered one that featured hibiscus prominently on the label. They are beautifully presented and taste good, just not what they are promoted to be.

5 Stars

Beautiful experience May 03, 2013


Corte Madera, CA

I have never seen sweet potatoes in tea! These are beautiful teas and remind me of potpourri. It is a perfect gift and way to try 4 teas.