Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Stainless Steel Brew Basket December 07, 2013


Baraboo, WI

I bought this basket two and a half years ago and have used it nearly daily. It is now starting to come apart a bit after being stored in the kitchen gadget drawer. It fits nearly all of my tea cups wonderfully. It's also nice if you like lemon in your tea, you can dump it in and strain it before removing your tea leaves. I would highly recommend this brew basket and plan to buy another today and store it in a better place. I expect it to last for years.

1 Star

Doesn't fit July 30, 2013


Providence, RI

I was looking for a stainless steel alternative to a synthetic basket I'd been using and bought this item. However, it doesn't fit any of my mugs or cups -- in fact the design strikes me as completely impractical. Why doesn't it have wire arms extending from the basket to enable it to fit a range of containers? A useless purchase.