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Longevity tea

5 Stars Longevity tea

from OK on wrote:

this tea is a powerhouse of nutrients. Research on Jiaogulan has shown that it has similarities to ginseng(also known as southern ginseng) the exception is that it has 81 different gypsenosides and it is more powerful. It was discoverered when census takers found an unusually high number of very old people in the region. The taste is not as sweet as Moringa(which is awesome too) but I usually add another tea with it. I'm up for living to 100, are you?

The smell is bad

1 Star The smell is bad

from GA on wrote:

The taste is worse, oh well. Still will enjoy all of the other amazing teas out there!!!!


4 Stars Amazing!!!

from OH on wrote:

This tea is simply amazing! It was very soothing and relaxing. It's the perfect tea to help you sleep at night. I ended up being allergic to the tea and I wish I wasn't because it was that good! I gave the tin to my dad who also loved it. I highly recommend it.

Awesome tea!!

5 Stars Awesome tea!!

from UT on wrote:

I wasn't a huge fan of the taste of this tea at first, but I now drink it every sinlge morning and I love it! It definitely helps with stress and my mood! Thank you! Now I need this in the 250 count bag!!!

This will be a regular from now on

5 Stars This will be a regular from now on

from CO on wrote:

I bought my first can of this last month and I find that it's become my favorite when I want something without caffeine. I normally sweeten my teas with a bit of agave or honey, but I prefer this without sweetening. The flavor is subtle but full of body and is pleasant soothing. I will be ordering it regularly now.

Great and unexpected

Great and unexpected

from SC on wrote:

Never considered myself a fan of ginger nor herbal teas. Got it on a whim to meet a free shipping limit and because I wanted something for late at night with no caffeine. It ended up being the highlight of the order, and is definitely something I plan to keep in stock full time.

Very calming

5 Stars Very calming

from FL on wrote:

Very delicate flavor; love the touch of ginger. I find that this tea is very calming for me. Keeps me centered. I add just a touch more ginger because I drink it at night and the ginger helps relieve/prevent any acid reflux. I will continue to buy!

My new favorite

5 Stars My new favorite

from FL on wrote:

Just arrived. Having my first cup. It's awesome. First impression of the scent is medicinal, but it's so good with the Chai Spice Honey for Tea. Tip: let it steep the full 7 minutes.


5 Stars Great

from PA on wrote:

My favorite tea. PLEASE make a 250 bag option.

Weird. I call it my "medicine tea".

3 Stars Weird. I call it my "medicine tea".

from AZ on wrote:

I bought 5 teas from ROT in the same order. This was my least favorite and the "wild card" tea as I had never heard of it. It has a very odd smell that turned me off right away. It smells like stewed bok choy before being brewed. That smell is less noticable after brewing and the basic taste is not bad. The monk fruit add a nice sweetness but the ginger is very mild. I have to add sweetener, like stevia or splenda, to cut the bok choy flavor. I drink it beciase it might be good for me, not because it tastes awesome.


5 Stars Great!

from PA on wrote:

When I first tried the tea, I thought it had a really odd taste, and I wasn't sure if I liked it. By the end of the cup, I loved it. I would love if a 250 bulk bag option was added.

My favourite tea thus far...

5 Stars My favourite tea thus far...

from OH on wrote:

I read really good things about the Jiaogulan vine and had to try this tea. It comes out in a magenta color and is very sweet, but not overpowering. Definitely my favorite type of tea now.

Nice herbal blend

5 Stars Nice herbal blend

from OH on wrote:

I enjoyed the Moringa SuperHerb Tea RoT recently released, so I was excited to see new this in the new catalog, and ordered it right away. I thought this tea was great. Has nice body, but not too heavy. The ginger is nice and warming, but isn't overpowering, as is sometimes the case. The monk fruit adds a touch of sweetness, but doesn't overdo it. Overall just a nice tea, with a unique taste. I recommend it.