Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Nice, minty, tea March 17, 2014


Houston, TX

I'm guessing the Baobab leaves give an earthy flavor to this tea. It's nice in the evenings after dinner. The tea is more minty than earthy. I would recommend it if you like mint tea and want to try something new.

5 Stars

Delicious, refreshing December 18, 2013


Cincinnati, OH

A great tea, especially for mint tea lovers! The flavors go together nicely for a smooth drink. The taste is not strong, but lingers which is nice. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

Light and refreshing September 23, 2013

Jason P

Stoneham, MA

This tea is great! I wanted to try these exotic super herb teas and the Baobab sounded like a good starting point. The subtle mint flavor makes this tea very palatable. Highly recommended for someone who wants to try something other than the usual black or green tea.

5 Stars

I LOVE this tea!!! May 17, 2013


A2, MI

I absolutely LOVE this tea! It's good hot and would also be excellent cold. It has just a hint of mint for flavor. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

Nice, light tea May 12, 2013


Columbus, OH

This is a very easy tea to drink. Great herbal blend. The mint is very refreshing, and tastes great with the baobab. If you like mint tea, I highly recommend it. Nice and refreshing.