Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars


Parkersburg, WV

I really enjoy this tea hot or cold, it's not too sweet. I mix it by the half gallon and keep it in the refrigerator.

5 Stars

I love this stuff!!

Valparaiso, IN

I put a few pump spritzes in my cycling water bottle before a ride. Because it tastes great I find I hydrate much more frequently. The calories help too!

4 Stars

Super refreshing! But measure to taste!

Chicopee, MA

I used to work for a coffee shop on campus when I was in college(since then it's been closed due to building renovations) and they sold this, mostly as an iced drink. I loved it! It's super refreshing and doesn't have a strong "tea" taste to the flavor so is a good accompaniment to a sandwich or salad. If you are expecting a strong "tea" or tannin flavor you may be disappointed, but as a sweet light beverage to replace a juice or soda it gets high marks. Just note they are NOT kidding when they recommend the pump, accurately measuring this concentrate is key, although I always liked To go heavy on the flavor personally many people seem to prefer the recommended ratio of concentrate to water/ice and this will pour quick and syrupy without the pump. I am so excited to have this in my home as I have looked for the last 3 years for somewhere else that sells it locally.

5 Stars


Great tea!!

1 Star

does not taste like tea

West Wendover, NV

I was not happy witht he taste of this concentrate. It had the sweet pomegranate flavor of a soda, but not of a green tea. So disappointing.