Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Migraine Helper October 16, 2014


St. Charles, MO

I love this tea. When added with a pain reliever this tea helps with pain and nausea associated with migraines. The ginger calms the stomach down, the hi caffeine helps with the pain & the mint adds a refreshing taste. Also wonderful cold on a hot day for a morning pick me up.

5 Stars

Tummy Soothing May 18, 2014


Herndon, VA

This is my new favorite breakfast tea. The ginger is subtle, but between that and the mints, it really works wonders to soothe my stomach which gets upset frequently. The taste is wonderful. Love, love this tea.

4 Stars

Good tea, subtle flavor March 20, 2014


Sacramento, CA

I really love this tea, however the ginger flavor is very subtle. A little too subtle for my tastes, but I really love a strong ginger flavor so I will admit I am a bit biased. I still thoroughly enjoy this tea though!

5 Stars

Very tasty! January 20, 2014


No. Mankato , MN

Super delicious and wonderful ginger and mint flavor. I also drink the Mango Ceylon..great with a dash of fresh lemon. Keeps me going all day long!