Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Great tasting tea to help you start your day!!

Erie, PA

Great tasting tea that helps wake me up in the morning. Love to start my day with this tea or the Toasted Coconut HiCaf tea. Look forward to it every morning.

5 Stars

Great Replacement for Coffee & Creamer

Austin, TX

Just tried this tea for the first time and I'm completely blown away. The flavor is perfect with just the right amount of caffeine.

5 Stars

A game changer

Sydney, WY

As someone who can't stand coffee I have always has to resort to either caffeinated soft drink or No-Doze tablets neither of which are all that ideal. Finally I have a better option! This tea is yummy, full of caramel flavour and actually perks me up :)

5 Stars

Very impressed

New York, NY

Very impressed with this tea. I was looking for something to replace coffee, where I still got the caffeine but not the calories. The tea tastes great and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars

It Works

Berkeley, CA

Taste great and provides energy. It does not make me jittery. I am very alert and motivated after I have had a cup. I highly recommend.

5 Stars

Best Balck Tea I've Had

Minneapolis, MN

This is a great smooth, high caffine tea. I drink it in place of a latte in the am and save a ton of calories.

5 Stars


Olathe, KS

This dea is delicious! It definintely has a caramel flavor. It's great hot or iced.

5 Stars

Great Way to Wake Up

Phoenix, AZ

This tea has a great flavor and helps to wake me up without the heavy bloating feeling that coffee sometimes causes.

5 Stars

What surprise!

Chicago, IL

What rush when I first tasted this tea. I was expecting something strong, but not something that left coffee in the dust! Plus it's got a good, warm carmel flavor, which I love in other teas. I thought the Hi-Caf teas were a gimmick, but now I'm hooked. They wake me up in the morning and ready for the world.

5 Stars

Gave up diet soda

Austin , TX

I've been a diet soda drinker for over 25 years- every day first thing in the morning for my caffeine buzz. This addiction has actually stopped due to hicaf teas. I drink one in the am and one in the afternoon and I'm feeling no negative after effects headaches, or withdrawals I expected from the diet soda habit. The caramel black is delicious, my fave, although I've tried all hicaf varieties! It's delicious iced or hot. I feel better and cravings to snack on sweet foods has also decreased. I am so happy to have this new healthy option!

5 Stars

Great Alternative to Coffee!

Houston, TX

This is a really nice tea. It brews up well and the caffeine really bolsters your energy level without giving you the jitters or a caffeine high. It is not bitter like you might think it would be. It tastes just like any other black tea, but with a more powerful kick that lasts for hours. Very very nice!

5 Stars


Lafayette, LA

This tea has a delicious caramel flavor, slightly sweet but not overly so. It also gives me a nice boost without making me feel jittery, unlike when I drink coffee or energy drinks. I work 12 hour shifts that require close attention to computer readouts. This really helps me avoid "glazing over" at work. Many of my coworkers have tried it after inquiring after the wonderful smell, and all of them have liked it so far.

5 Stars

Great Alternative to Coffee

San Francisco, CA

Just left a 5-star review for the Pomberry HiCAF as well. I just love these new teas. They give me a boost that stays with me for a while, as opposed to the shorter-lived buzz/crash effect I get from coffee. Plus this caramel flavor is rich and tasty. I have about 20 different R of T flavors - whites, greens, oolongs, blacks, herbals. I love them all and am so happy to be able to add these HiCAF blends to my long list of faves. Nice extra "perk" (pun intended) - I'm saving money by not buying a latte on my way home from work every day!