Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from DE on wrote:

I appreciate your responsiveness as well as the free shipping. This is a bright delicious tea and it stands on its own without sugar or honey. I prefer ordering directly as my local hfs doesn’t stock enough of your great Tea.


5 Stars Obsessed

from PA on wrote:

Lightly sweet, beautiful coloring, great flavor. Never gets bitter if steeped too long. I will buy this forever. Great tea to have on hand for guests or for everyday.

English rose tea

5 Stars English rose tea

from VA on wrote:

I love this tea. I discovered it while I was at work in the break room. The tin is beautiful, the tea is great I love the aroma it gives off. I actually started watching Downton Abbey shortly after my purchase and let me tell you this show is amazing sipping my tea during the episodes is a must also..

We love this tea

5 Stars We love this tea

from KS on wrote:

It's a light, fruity, and slightly-sweet herbal tea. My 5 year old daughter likes to drink a cup of tea with me, occasionally, and she really likes this one with a bit of honey. I've also got my MIL hooked on it! I think this is a great one for people who don't think they like tea. It doesn't have a strong rose flavor, more of a raspberry flavor, but I don't mind.

Great Rose Tea!!

5 Stars Great Rose Tea!!

from MN on wrote:

I love the Downton Abbey English Rose Tea! It has a light, fruity flavor that goes down so smoothly!! I would highly recommend this tea!!

I've never watched Downtown Abby but this tea is the BOMB!

5 Stars I've never watched Downtown Abby but this tea is the BOMB!

from AZ on wrote:

I'm not too sure how long I've been drinking this tea, however I stumbled across it about 3.5-4 years ago while shopping at Cost Plus. The sales person said they can't keep it on the shelve and that I was lucky to get a can. Well I had not idea at the time just how much I would LOVE this tea. Since I first tried it I have not skipped a day with out have at lease 2 cups, normally 4-6 cups. I do not leave home with out a travel cup of this hot tea and my water bottle. We live in Arizona and must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. I took my can of tea with me to my Aunt Lisa's house for a family gathering where she and her mom both fell in love with it as well. Anytime I go visit anyone in our family, I always take some with me so others can try it too. The fact that it is caffeine-free is a huge plus. I know for a fact My Aunt Lisa orders it in as well so I no longer have to take some of my tea with me. I hope you never discontinue this tea so we followers can enjoy drinking this lovely tea for many years to come.


5 Stars Lovely

from CA on wrote:

Perfect cup of decaf tea for the afternoon. Smells and tastes amazing.

Gorgeous garnet in a cup

5 Stars Gorgeous garnet in a cup

from WY on wrote:

I first enjoyed this at a Mother's Day tea held at a local historic home. The tea is a beautiful Orissa garnet hue and it looked very gemmy in my bone china cup. I must have drunk a couple of potsful on my own. Since then I have enjoyed many cups in the evening and also over ice in summer. My only complaint would be of the stevia that gives the tea a strange, unaccountable sweetness. My palate doesn't know what to do with stevia and I am not fond of the slight aftertaste. It interferes ever so slightly with my enjoyment of this tea, but not enough to stop me drinking it.

English Rose

4 Stars English Rose

from WI on wrote:

very fresh! I enjoyed the fresh flavor of this tea.

A Favorite - Not too sweet, not too fruity

5 Stars A Favorite - Not too sweet, not too fruity

from NC on wrote:

This is our all time favorite tea that we go back to time and again. While the title has rose in it, it isn't as deeply rose flavored as others I've tried. It's delicate, just sweet enough, and no caffeine so it's a great night cap tea. Perfect flavor without having to add anything.

Downton Abbey English Rose Tea

5 Stars Downton Abbey English Rose Tea

from MI on wrote:

My cousins, Lisa and Sherri, and I went to the Taft Museum in Cincinnati to view the "Dressing Downton" exhibit then we went to afternoon tea. It was a lovely cousins' weekend! As surprise for them, I took several varieties of Downton Abbey teas from Republic of Tea. The English Rose is wonderful!! It's smooth, sweet, and refreshing!


5 Stars WOW

from WA on wrote:

I used to think the Rose Bud tea was my favorite, however, after sharing a pot of the Downton Abbey blend with a friend, I have a new favorite. The colore is gorgeous, the aroma divine and the taste splendid.

Absolutely fabuous tea!

5 Stars Absolutely fabuous tea!

from CA on wrote:

I am hoping that it will not be a limited edition, but a permanent tea on your list of already incredibly complex and tasteful teas. I am a person that is not able to have caffeine. I have tried many and I do mean many caffeine-free teas, but through this particular tea I have found a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction that has far exceeded my expectations. It is delicate yet complex; refreshing yet soothing; and enhances a sense of well-being in knowing that I am helping my body in the process. In my line of work and my profession, a clear head, orderly thoughts, and a sense of calm is paramount for success. I do hope you will take this feedback to heart. I have never enjoyed a cup of tea so greatly as I have English Rose Tea. Thank you for creating this incredible diversion.

Love this tea!!

5 Stars Love this tea!!

from AR on wrote:

Very different. Love the taste & the aroma.

My love for roses

5 Stars My love for roses

from FL on wrote:

I truly enjoyed the mild flavor of roses combined with the hibiscus, particularly in the afternoon. I love to drink tea both in the morning (e.g., usually a detox-type, such as dandelion or green) and something relaxing in the afternoon (e.g., such as the Downton Abbey Rose tea).

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from NV on wrote:

I have tried almost every Republic of Tea offering, and this is #1 on my all-time favorite list. Blends nicely with other teas for a unique pot, and it heavenly by its own. I hope this one makes it into the permanent collection at the Republic.

My New Favorite

5 Stars My New Favorite

from NC on wrote:

This tea has everything I love about herbal tea. Hibiscus with rose, apple, and raspberry are a perfect combination. Slightly sweet from the fruitiness and a little stevia. Please keep this one!

Very piquant and comforting

5 Stars Very piquant and comforting

from VA on wrote:

As a fan of raspberries, roses, and any combination of the two, I knew right off that I would enjoy this tea. And I was right. I came back to the store the very next day and bought five more tins!!


5 Stars Bouquet

from CA on wrote:

Taste, a bouquet of flavor!

absolutely loved it

5 Stars absolutely loved it

from TN on wrote:

I'm a huge raspberry fan & love floral teas. This is by far one of my most favorite teas I've ever had! ! I hope it stays around

Simply Tea-riffic!!!!

5 Stars Simply Tea-riffic!!!!

from TX on wrote:

Hands down my favorite tea ever! So perfectly sweet and lovely. I've already been through three cans. Please make this a permanent edition!!

Wonderful teas

5 Stars Wonderful teas

from NY on wrote:

I'm a very big tea lover i received the downtown lady cora's evening tea and the English rose tea and OMG what a delicious and delightful teas I'm so happy with them can't wait for your catalog to arrive so I can decide what more to purchase. Thank you for such wonderful teas

An Outstanding Favorite just Like the TV Show

5 Stars An Outstanding Favorite just Like the TV Show

from NY on wrote:

This has become my new favorite of all your teas, which is saying a lot!


5 Stars FANTASTIC!!!

from IN on wrote:

This tea is amazing!!! I have had it both hot and cold and loved it!!! Treat yourself and get a can!

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from TX on wrote:

This tea is absolutely lovely. My sister and I love watching the downton series together and so I got this tea for her birthday. We drank it with her raspberry chocolate cupcakes her boyfriend made her (who is from England by the way) and it perfectly complimented the night. We all give the tea five stars and will be ordering more soon. Also the tea was shipped in a timely manner even though it was during the holidays.

Not a raspberry fan

1 Star Not a raspberry fan

from GA on wrote:

I received this tea as a free sample. I had it for awhile before deciding to use it. I didn't notice it had stevia before making it. I was impressed with the smell and color and had high hopes. My first sip was disappointing. To me, the raspberry flavor is overwhelming and the stevia gives it a nasty diet soda feel. I don't like raspberries and along with the stevia, they ruined the taste of this tea. However, my husband loves it. This was my first time drinking a tea from this company and I'm not impressed.

Tasty! I've opened my Second Tin!

5 Stars Tasty! I've opened my Second Tin!

from MA on wrote:

I didn't think I'd like an herbal tea, but this is great! I'm also happy that the rest of the "Downton Abbey" range is turning out to be just as tasty (in my most recent order, I also ordered DA Christmas Tea, and DA Bates' Brambleberry Tea); so I suppose it's time to put in another order!


5 Stars Awesome!!

from PA on wrote:

Found this on a trip to Winterthur and it is absolutely my new favorite. It replaced Almond Coconut Macaroon, which is really good too, but there is something special about the flavor of the English rose tea. After I give what I just purchased as gifts, I will want to purchase more, so I hope you will not discontinue it.

Relaxing and A New Favorite

5 Stars Relaxing and A New Favorite

from PA on wrote:

This tea has become one of my absolute favorites. I hope you don't discontinue this one! It is amazing. The lightness and relaxing qualities of this tea is a delight to the tongue and senses. Just the smell of this tea brings relaxation. I have shared with so many friends and it brightens their day as well. It tastes great hot and iced. It is a gift for those who's day needs a bit of a special touch of extra love and this tea does it. My absolute favorite. Keep this tea for a long time. I do wish though the Estate Tea was easier to access then through that other company. I adore your teas this is my favorite company!

Makes for a wonderful summer treat

5 Stars Makes for a wonderful summer treat

from MI on wrote:

This tea is a MUST for those who enjoy ice tea. It's very refreshing for hot summer days.

Too Lovely!

5 Stars Too Lovely!

from TN on wrote:

What a perfectly lovely, delightful tea! It is delicious either hot or iced. Utterly delicate and refreshing. five stars for me!

A wonderful Surprise

5 Stars A wonderful Surprise

from OH on wrote:

Bought this tea on a lark while visiting my mother. I am not fond of rose hips but my curiosity got the better of me. After tasting this, I am kicking myself for not buying more. From the smell of the tin, the aroma while the tea was steeping to the last sip from my cup, this was a total sensory experience.

So Lovely

5 Stars So Lovely

from CA on wrote:

fruity rose with a sweet but tart finish!


5 Stars Wonderful!

from WA on wrote:

I'm in love! Wish you would sell it in bulk because it is silly to have to buy a tin every time I want more.

My new favorite tea

5 Stars My new favorite tea

from OR on wrote:

I served this at my recent tea party and it was a hit. So pretty (pink) in the cup and so delicious!


5 Stars Delicious!!

from FL on wrote:

I received the Downton Abbey English Rose Herb tea as a sample in the catalog and absolutely loved it. Will definitely be buying this, along with several others. Absolutely delicious tea! very impressed by the flavor and aroma.


4 Stars Mmm~

from MA on wrote:

A very lovely cup, I made it as soon as I got it as a sample with the catalog. It would be great iced!

This is my new Republic of Tea obsession!

5 Stars This is my new Republic of Tea obsession!

from CA on wrote:

It's fairly sweet AND tart...reminds me of the strawberry hibiscus a bit. I love having a cup watching Downton... And it's perfect for warm or cold weather. Will be terrific iced in the summer.

Stevia is not artificial nor manufactured

5 Stars Stevia is not artificial nor manufactured

from KS on wrote:

This tea is perfect! Someone said it's like Red Zinger and it also reminded me of that but without the ultra-tart bite. It's a lovely, soft delightful blend. Now, I have to comment on the reviewers who said 'artificial sweetener' and 'manufactured sweetener.' Stevia is neither if they are using the leaf. I grow the herb Stevia and then dry it and add it to my homemade teas to give a hint of sweetness. This tea is perfect! Thanks RofT!

Drink it cold!

5 Stars Drink it cold!

from CA on wrote:

I added cream and accidentally let it get cold and OH MY!! It tasted like a Raspberry Creamsicle. I ordered a tin to drink it cold.

Downton Abbey English Rose Tea

5 Stars Downton Abbey English Rose Tea

from DE on wrote:

A lovely and delightful fruity combination. Cannot oversteep this tea...delicious at any strength.

A beautiful tea

5 Stars A beautiful tea

from UT on wrote:

I ordered this in December when I was ordering gifts for friends. Oh my, this tea does not disappoint! From the moment the hot water hits the tea bag, its perfume lingers in air and tastes just as wonderful. I personally enjoy pairing this with a light drizzle of orange blossom honey. This is going to become one of my most beloved teas I can already tell.

loved it!

5 Stars loved it!

from OH on wrote:

love the downton abbey rose tea...fullbodied...sweet without sugar but even yummier with honey....more notes of raspberry and hibiscus with faint hints of rose...will definitely get again...


5 Stars wonderful!

from NY on wrote:

Calming, sweet and aromatic...visually appealing as well.

So Lovely

5 Stars So Lovely

from PA on wrote:

The best word to describe this tea is "pretty". It has such a lovely delicate flavor and aroma. It really just made my night a little nicer.

Best ever!

5 Stars Best ever!

from SC on wrote:

wonderful flavor good hot or cold blends well with most foods; just about the only tea I drink now Wish it was available in larger quantities - like the 250 bag refill size

This tea is absolutely delish!

5 Stars This tea is absolutely delish!

from NH on wrote:

I received this Downton Abbey® English Rose Tea sample yesterday and trying it as hot tea this morning. I was surprised how good it tasted, putting a smile on my face, not overpowering at all. I will have to try it iced. This is another Republic of Tea product that I will add to my favorites! As for Stevia, it's a natural sweetener from plants, so please get your information first before telling others it's artificial.

It's OK

3 Stars It's OK

from CA on wrote:

I received a free sample in the mail and it was OK. The name is a bit misleading because I expected it to taste like rose. In fact, the first ingredient is hibiscus. The second ingredient is rosehips but those tend to taste a little apple-y (to me anyway). There is more stevia/raspberry in this than actual rose petals. I wouldn't buy a tea that had stevia already in it. Not knowingly at least. Perhaps the strong taste of raspberry/hibiscus, which is acidic warranted something sweeter to calm it down. It's a perfectly fine tea, but not something I would purchase on my own. For a tea that tastes more like rose, RoT's Rose Petal Black tea is a great choice.

Normally I don't appreciate floral teas

5 Stars Normally I don't appreciate floral teas

from AZ on wrote:

But I was impressed w/this tea! The rose is very faint, almost more of a scent than a flavor. Nice combo of raspberry and hibiscus. I tried this hot but can't wait to try it as an iced!

Just what I had been looking for!

5 Stars Just what I had been looking for!

from MT on wrote:

So surprised! I've been looking for a tangy raspberry tea for awhile now, but the stuff in the grocery stores just wasn't "quite right". At first my impression was that this wa going to be an extremely floral tea. But I was wrong! It's like summer raspberries in a tea! I think the hibiscus give it just the right mount of tartness. I usually like my teas with honey (and milk with black teas) but this one was perfect left alone without any help. Thanks for sending the sample! I am more than pleased and will likely order more of this. My winter cure has arrived! Like summertime in a cup.

tasty, soothing nighttime treat

4 Stars tasty, soothing nighttime treat

from WA on wrote:

I got this in the monthly paper as the sample and I was pleasantly surprised! I expected it to be an odd flavor, but it was not. It was very fragrant when I poured hot water over the tea bag in my mug (I should have used my Downton Abbey mug, now that I think of it...). The hibiscus is a strong flavor in it but I can almost taste roses! My grandpa ate rose petals (something about them containing lots of nutrients) and I think he might have approved of this. As for a sweet taste, I did not find it sweet. I added some honey to it and it was divine. Also, stevia is not an artificial sweetener, so people please look things up before you write! I don't even taste the stevia (which can be overpowering in most cases). If you need a sleepytime tea, I recommend this one. The only thing that would have improved it, is to be more the sense no roobios and no hibiscus. I would like to try a rose tea without the two. Thank you for the treat!

This Gift

5 Stars This Gift

from WA on wrote:

I purchased one of these as a gift for a fellow tea lover in the house. When she saw it was "limited", I was forced to buy three more just in case the teapocalypse comes. This tea is absolutely adored, but all I can say is that it smells wonderful. (I'm not allowed near her precious hoard!)


5 Stars Fantastic

from SC on wrote:

wonderful flavor blend, tops all the hibiscus teas I have tried and I love the fact that it is made with the natural sweetener stevia

Stevia is NOT artificial!

5 Stars Stevia is NOT artificial!

from CA on wrote:

I have not tried this tea, but it sounds wonderful. I'm just writing to let the reviewers who said it tastes artificial know that stevia is NOT artificial! It is a natural sweetener that comes from a plant. You can literally chew the leaves of this sweet plant! I once had one and my children ate it till it was gone. Stevia is a wonderful sweetener, especially in teas and lemonades. It has no calories and is not unhealthy like saccharine or aspartame or the other scary chemicals they are making in laboratories. Knowing this, maybe you will think this tea tastes good!!! :)

Simply Divine!

Simply Divine!

from IN on wrote:

This beautiful fruity tea is simply divine. It smells fresh and juicy in the tin, and tastes sweet and smooth when steeped hot. It needs very little sugar and best of all it is caffiene free, so I can drink it while watching Downton Abbey before bed! I hope this tea sticks around. I would definitely buy it again, but it is very similar to Celestial Seasonings' Raspberry Zinger. I would recommend this tea to anyone who likes fruity herbal teas. Little ones would enjoy it as well!

This Tea is a Keeper!!!

5 Stars This Tea is a Keeper!!!

from TX on wrote:

This tea is simply amazing! The special tin is lovely, but I am really hoping that you will keep this tea as a part of your regular line. I never want to run out of it!

Keep this one available!!

5 Stars Keep this one available!!

from NE on wrote:

I have tried all the Hibiscus tea flavors and enjoyed them all, but this is my new favorite. A wonderful fruity blend of flavors, that I never tired of. I hope this will be a regular and not a limited edition.

This tea is divine my lady!

5 Stars This tea is divine my lady!

from GA on wrote:

This wonderful fruity flavor has a smooth, sweet essence and tastes good hot or cold. A little agave nectar heightens the sweetness, but overall its bloody good! :)

Step Back In Time

5 Stars Step Back In Time

from TX on wrote:

When my tea arrived, I opened the tin to catch a whiff of this splendid tea, and was overwhelmed with a delightful bouquet of rose, raspberries, and hibiscus. I must confess that I was torn on whether to try it hot or cold; however, a sultry Texas night prompted me to make iced tea. It was absolutely marvelous and oh-so-refreshing on this muggy night. At first sip, I was taken to an era of lords and ladies, and imagined myself sipping a tall, cool, glass of iced tea on the veranda with none other than the Crawleys themselves. My only regret is not ordering a second tin...make that a fourth tin. Bottom line: this is the stuff dreams are made of and I can't wait to add more to my collection. No doubt this will also make an excellent cup of hot tea. This Citizen is very impressed.

Simply Lovely

5 Stars Simply Lovely

from UT on wrote:

I was really excited when this came today. I've never seen the show or really know anything about it but this tea is really quite lovely. The combination of rose and raspberry really hits the spot. Just sipping this tea is leaving me smiling!

Downton Delightful!

5 Stars Downton Delightful!

from on wrote:

My 2 cans arrived...and already I have enjoy way too many cups! This tea does NOT disappoint! A subtle sweetness that almost needs no additional sweetener...i only added 3 drops of liquid stevia. Beautiful Rose pink color...and sweet rosy raspberry aroma. The taste is a sweet blend of rose, raspberry and hibiscus just perfect for tea while watching your favorite latest downton abbey episode. i will be ordering MORE!! my only qualm is why the sisters on the can?? this can should have the picture of the QUEEN OF DOWNTON, Maggie Smith!! :) love it love it

110% Perfect

5 Stars 110% Perfect

from NY on wrote:

Delicious ,Smooth This is my favorite flavor. But, then again, the cuppa teas Strawberry Chocolate, Banana Chocolate, Red Velvet Chocolate, and the Orange Red Carrot, Hot Apple Cider,and every other flavor are My favorites too !!!!


5 Stars Citizens?

from CA on wrote:

Hmmm I see you titles "see what our Citizens say about this tea" but maybe to continue with the English flavour of this particular tea it should read "see what our subjects say about this tea" lol! English people are Subjects of the Queen and not Citizens of the state as in USA. Good tea though!

Does Raspberry Rose Hybiscus have a new name?

5 Stars Does Raspberry Rose Hybiscus have a new name?

from on wrote:

I have been sipping and enjoying Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea for months. It has suddenly vanished from your website to be replaced by your 'new tea'. Is this the same as my old friend? The ingredients appear to be the same!