Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Best Tea

New Bern, NC

This is probably one of the best teas I've ever tasted. The smell is amazing. I was a little worried before I ordered this flavor, and actually thought the tea bags smelled pretty awful. But after brewing...goodness. I'm pretty sensitive to large amounts of caffeine - usually I stick to two cups of tea a day - but it's been worth the jitters to drink it all day. I'll definitely keep ordering.

5 Stars

So refreshing!

Fort collins, CO

My new favorite tea along with the strawberry basil green tea. Brew in hot water then pour over ice to serve cold. So refreshing! I will be drinking this a lot this summer instead of water infused with fruit!

5 Stars


Upper Marlboro, MD

Thank heavens for the tea samplers you periodically send with your catalogue! Otherwise I would not have had the pleasure of trying this wonderful tea. I love all things tea, all black tea especially, but am not usually attracted to mint flavoring...but wow! This one is amazing. I've "made" people try it and they can't believe the aroma, the taste, the combination that glides down their throat. A keeper for sure and I'm now ordering more! Only wish you had a canister for it.

5 Stars

Our Family Favorite

San Diego, CA

I loved the sample I got a bout a year ago, to be honest I didn't think that I was going to like the flavor combo and almost tossed the sample before trying. I'm so glad I gave it a shot. So I ordered an tin and it was gone in less than 2 weeks. And now it seems that I can't order enough of it because its my little son's favorite iced tea, his second is the ginger peach. It has a natural sweetness and the mint notes are so refreshing. I personally love the smaller tea bag size vs the larger iced tea bag size. I have better control over the strength and flavor this way.

5 Stars

Surprisingly delicious!

Tampa , FL

I must admit that I haven't been a fan of flavored black teas in general. But I received this product as a sample and decided to try it because of the watermelon. It is fabulous! The mint and watermelon balance nicely, but you do have to like mint to enjoy this. As one reviewer noted it tastes like a summer picnic and is a new favorite! The first note is sweet watermelon, the end note is mint. The fact that it's a black tea doesn't come through at all.

5 Stars

Summer in a Cup!

Harpers Ferry, WV

What a surprise! I don't usually care for peppermint, but decided to give the sample a try due to my love of watermelon. The tea was wonderful, and the mint not overpowering. I've found a new summertime treat.

5 Stars

So delicious

Kennesaw, GA

This tea is absolutely delicious. It's the perfect embodiment of summertime.

5 Stars


Mandeville, LA

Delicious! I made two glasses of iced tea with one teabag, poured over ice. It has a delightful watermelon flavor and a twist of mint that is very refreshing. Tastes like a picnic on a summer day.

5 Stars

The best summer flavor !!

Austin, TX

I got this as a sample for "iced" tea and I wasnt paying attention and made it into hot tea. I LOVED it. After realizing my mistake and noticing that they didnt sell this tea in hot....I contacted The Republicof Tea and they now have the hot tea. It has a wonderful flavor that is perfect for summer evenings. I highly recommend it.