Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

kcups February 25, 2014

Amy Anthony-Newbert

Searsport, ME

I like that you have k-cups now, and love that they are 95% biodegradable, but my favorite flavor is Earl Greyer any hope that it will come to k-cups soon...? Please!

5 Stars

Best K-Cup Tea Ever! February 21, 2014

Judith Bloom

Johnstown, PA

I was given this tea as a gift, it is absolutely the BEST tea I have ever tasted. The tea is easy to use in my K-cup brewer and makes an elegant flavored cup every time!!!! The tea is full of color and aroma and half of the caffeine.

5 Stars

waker upper! February 02, 2014


El Paso, TX

This is a strong blend. I used a travelers cup and it was very strong! I even used the pod to brew a second cup with no great loss of flavor. Definitely will get you going in the morning!

5 Stars

Great cuppa to wake up to October 06, 2013


Van Wert, OH

It is great to have the ease and flexibility of the One Cuppa for my Keurig as sometimes in the morning I do not have time to wait on the kettle to boil, so the One Cuppa fits right into my Keurig and I can have a cup of British Breakfast instantly! Thank you!

5 Stars

Strong cuppa! October 06, 2013


Dallas, TX

I love having the ability to use my Keurig to now make my favorite tea! I am so glad The Republic of Tea finally makes a product we can use in our machine, and the fact that the material is biodegradable is an added bonus. My British Breakfast brewed a beautiful rich color and the flavor was nice and strong, just how I like it. Definitely will be buying these again!

5 Stars

Enjoyable cup of tea October 06, 2013


Dallas, TX

This was the first one-cuppa I tried, and I was pleased to see using the Keurig to make it didn't result in a flavor difference. Enjoyed the quick option and will be purchasing again. Thank you!