A beautiful tea

5 Stars A beautiful tea

from FL on wrote:

I wanted to try this blueberry black tea for quite a while, so I ordered a pound of the loose leaf blueberry black tea back in early spring. I only allow myself one pot a day, as I do have kidney stones...but it is SO hard to keep to just that one pot! This is honestly my favorite tea ever. Oh, I still enjoy the great black raspberry green super tea every afternoon, but this is my very best favorite! It has such a lovely aroma, I smell my cup as often as I sip from it! It brews a beautiful cup of tea, the color is lovely, the smell is lovely, the taste? DIVINE! I can't imagine going back to plain, unflavored tea in the morning! I have become a spoiled citizen of The Republic of Tea!

Blueberry Dreams

5 Stars Blueberry Dreams

from TX on wrote:

If you liked the bags, try this loose. You only thought you liked the bags. hahaha. It really makes a great cup, malty enough to know its tea, sweet enough to know its blueberry, can stand up to a little milk if you brew it extra strong, perfect iced, and nice enough to drink regularly. The blueberry comes out better in the loose version.


5 Stars delicious

from WV on wrote:

You can really taste the blueberry!! Not bitter at all and no bad aftertaste like some flavored teas. I drank it without milk and sugar. It is my new favorite!! Milk Oolong was my old favorite. If you like the taste of blueberry you will love this tea!!