Holy butler's pantry!

5 Stars Holy butler's pantry!

from CA on wrote:

A vanilla Earl Grey? You bet. This one is a winner. I've switched to almost exclusively Earl Grey blends and am most impressed by this one. Both flavors are strong and blend well together. I like it so much that, when I'm drinking a cup, I'm already wondering when I can have my next cup.

Where to purchase this tea

5 Stars Where to purchase this tea

from PA on wrote:

This tea was especially made for Cost Plus World Market and may be purchased directly from them online at ... hope this helps those who have been trying to find it in their local store.

This tea is epic

5 Stars This tea is epic

from CA on wrote:

I purchased this for my mother as a Christmass present. I am a sucker for anything with Vanilla involved, it is the finest of the flavors. I must admit impressed with how well the black tea with strong bergamot worked with the vanilla. I will be back to the world market for more and recoment they offer this one online as sejusted.

Online purchase please

5 Stars Online purchase please

from CT on wrote:

would like to see this as an online choice of teas. Have no idea where a Cost Plus is anywhere near where I live. Please please put online. Thank you

Please Make More of This

5 Stars Please Make More of This

from CA on wrote:

This is my current favorite tea. I like to brew a pot in the morning and add milk. In the morning I drink it hot, then refrigerate the rest of the pot and have it cold in the afternoon. To me there combination of bergamont and vanilla is perfectly matched in this black tea. My only complaint is that it seams that Cost Plus has already run out and you cannot find it online either. Please consider adding this to your regular tea line.


5 Stars delish!

from MO on wrote:

A wonderful tea for anytime!. You can also get it online if a store is not near at :

No local store

1 Star No local store

from MO on wrote:

We don't have a local store within a hundred miles. Would like to be able to buy this on the internet.

If you like Vanilla...

4 Stars If you like Vanilla...

from OH on wrote:

This tea is delicious but I felt like it had a little too much vanilla for my taste. I added a little milk and sugar and it was better, but it's still not something I would drink every day.

Love It!!

5 Stars Love It!!

from FL on wrote:

This is the only version of Earl Grey I like. I wish it was available on this website. World Market is not someplace I get to often. The tea has a fabulous flavor to it. I compared the description of it to other Earl Grey teas. I assume the vanilla in it is what makes me like this despite having not liked earl grey teas in the past. It quickly became one of my favorites up until I realized I could not order refills. UGH. I am still rating it 5 stars and not lower because the reviews are meant to be for the tea itself not complaints over exclusive selling rights given to another store.


5 Stars Yum!

from CA on wrote:

I can't stop drinking this tea! I love it so much and I love the show, too, which make the tea even better!

I do like it

5 Stars I do like it

from CA on wrote:

This is an excellent tea for morning or an afternoon pickup; love the bergamot orange / vanilla. I do wish you'd offer refills for the tin, which I did manage to get by going on an expedition to another Cost Plus across the bay... maybe Cost Plus could offer refills like you have for your other teas here? I bought a couple of refills for my other favorites here, like the idea.

This is the BEST!!!!

5 Stars This is the BEST!!!!

from NC on wrote:

Love this tea --- just a hint of almond -- delicious. It was given to me as a gift for Christmas and I am hooked. Now my problem is finding it at World Market. My local store is sold out!

Heaven in a cup!

5 Stars Heaven in a cup!

from TX on wrote:

This is my favorite Tea! I can't get enough of it and it is sold out at World Market. I hope that they will re-stock or that Republic of Tea will at some point carry this Tea on-line. It is positively divine!

Delicious treat!

5 Stars Delicious treat!

from AZ on wrote:

Simply open this can, take a big sniff of this tea and you will know how delicious it is! This is a twist on a classic tea... The touch of vanilla is an added treat. We received this as a gift and thoroughly enjoy each sip!

This is wonderful stuff!

5 Stars This is wonderful stuff!

from AZ on wrote:

I'm not a routine tea drinker but we were having a really cold spell(20 degrees for a high),and tea just was sounding good. This blend is wonderful-the orange and vanilla notes on top of the Earl Grey made it absolutely lyrical. Put a little milk in it,English-style,and you just can't stop drinking it!