Tea Leaf Readings

1 Star

No local store November 20, 2014


carrol, MO

We don't have a local store within a hundred miles. Would like to be able to buy this on the internet.

4 Stars

If you like Vanilla... November 09, 2014


Vermilion, OH

This tea is delicious but I felt like it had a little too much vanilla for my taste. I added a little milk and sugar and it was better, but it's still not something I would drink every day.

5 Stars

Love It!! October 13, 2014


St Augustine, FL

This is the only version of Earl Grey I like. I wish it was available on this website. World Market is not someplace I get to often. The tea has a fabulous flavor to it. I compared the description of it to other Earl Grey teas. I assume the vanilla in it is what makes me like this despite having not liked earl grey teas in the past. It quickly became one of my favorites up until I realized I could not order refills. UGH. I am still rating it 5 stars and not lower because the reviews are meant to be for the tea itself not complaints over exclusive selling rights given to another store.

5 Stars

Yum! October 06, 2014


Redlands, CA

I can't stop drinking this tea! I love it so much and I love the show, too, which make the tea even better!

5 Stars

I do like it March 02, 2014


Newark, CA

This is an excellent tea for morning or an afternoon pickup; love the bergamot orange / vanilla. I do wish you'd offer refills for the tin, which I did manage to get by going on an expedition to another Cost Plus across the bay... maybe Cost Plus could offer refills like you have for your other teas here? I bought a couple of refills for my other favorites here, like the idea.

5 Stars

This is the BEST!!!! February 03, 2014

Barbara Shear

Charlotte, NC

Love this tea --- just a hint of almond -- delicious. It was given to me as a gift for Christmas and I am hooked. Now my problem is finding it at World Market. My local store is sold out!

5 Stars

Heaven in a cup! January 07, 2014


Dallas, TX

This is my favorite Tea! I can't get enough of it and it is sold out at World Market. I hope that they will re-stock or that Republic of Tea will at some point carry this Tea on-line. It is positively divine!

5 Stars

Delicious treat! January 06, 2014


Scottsdale, AZ

Simply open this can, take a big sniff of this tea and you will know how delicious it is! This is a twist on a classic tea... The touch of vanilla is an added treat. We received this as a gift and thoroughly enjoy each sip!

5 Stars

This is wonderful stuff! January 04, 2014


Williams, AZ

I'm not a routine tea drinker but we were having a really cold spell(20 degrees for a high),and tea just was sounding good. This blend is wonderful-the orange and vanilla notes on top of the Earl Grey made it absolutely lyrical. Put a little milk in it,English-style,and you just can't stop drinking it!