Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Best Strawberry Tea Ever

Southeast Houston, TX

I received a sample of this tea and knew I had to buy it. I've been hunting for tea that truly tastes like strawberries for a long time now and I dislike tart teas so that made something hard even worse. Forget best strawberry tea---this is some of the best of any tea I have ever had along with Pineapple Ginger and their Christmas teas. And it's organic!

5 Stars


Greenville, SC

I cannot say enough about this delicious flavor combination. It has become my favorite iced tea! Best of all, it's perfect without any sweetener. I wish more stores carried it locally.

5 Stars

Refreshing and Flavorful

New Orleans, LA

This tea has a nice flavor that refreshes you on a hot summer day.

5 Stars

Delightful Surprise!

Houston, TX

Last night I prepared the tea, it was a bit too weak for me. I decided to infuse it with frozen strawberries, and fresh basil hoping that would do the trick. This afternoon it was time for a taste test and I must say my husband I could not be more delighted!!! It is by far the best iced tea I have ever tasted!! I'll be making this one often.

5 Stars

Thirst quenching

San Francisco, CA

Much like my initial response to the idea of watermelon and mint, my first thought about a strawberry basil combo was "really? ew!" But I went ahead and ordered some in my last shipment because, hey, the packaging is pretty and also because watermelon mint turned out to be such a pleasant and refreshing surprise. Made my first pitcher last night (we are having weird, humid weather here in SF) and I drank four full glasses. The strawberry flavor is perfect and the basil adds a slight herbal complement that makes this truly thirst-quenching.

4 Stars

Surprisingly refreshing

El Paso, TX

Wasn't sure about it when I purchased it, but glad I gave it a try! The strawberry isn't overwhelming and the basil adds a clean refreshing note! Great for summertime drinking! Will definitely reorder this one!

5 Stars


Berlin, MD

I received this in the new catalog and loved it. I just wish it came in the individual cup portions. I enjoyed it warm and cold.

5 Stars

A Must Have All Summer Long

Boca Raton, FL

Upon cracking open the canister, one cannot help but smile. The strawberry scent was quite present. Yum! Each large tea bag made a quart of iced tea. I added boiling water to my glass pitcher and steeped on the counter until cool. I did not add ice but chilled in the fridge. I like my tea very potent and so I did add ice to my guest's glass (but not mine), and I also added fresh sliced strawberry and fresh basil mashed in my herb pestle into our glasses. I am sure it would be beautiful to freeze strawberries and mashed basil in ice cube trays and add to your guests glasses - all summer long!

5 Stars

Another perfect summer tea

Blair, NE

Crisp and refreshing - I love the combination of flavors in this tea and look forward to sipping it all summer long!

5 Stars


Salt Lake City, UT

Wasn't sure about this flavor combination at first, but I'm glad I bought it! It's naturally sweet and smooth! I received the tin last Friday Saturday, and I've gone through half of it already! Very delicious.

5 Stars

Family Loves It!

Lagrange, OH

Bought this for Easter dinner. They couldn't get enough and even took some home along with leftovers :). Basil is nice pairing-light refreshing green iced tea.