5 Stars WHY WHY WHY????

from CA on wrote:

Why is this fabulous tea discontinued??? SO disappointed!!!


4 Stars Delicious

from LA on wrote:

First I want to say that this tea is delicious with milk! That said, there is almost no cardamom flavor, which is disappointing. That said, I am waiting impatiently for this to be available by bulk bag!

So disappointed

1 Star So disappointed

from AL on wrote:

After reading the reviews I was really excited to try this and I must say it was a great disappointment. I couldn't taste a single spice in this tea - all I could taste is caramel and even the caramel wasn't strong enough unless I used 2 tea bags.

Cardamom gets lost

3 Stars Cardamom gets lost

from CA on wrote:

For me, this is just your basic vanilla tea. There's little caramel and no cardamom in either the scent or the flavor. It's not a bad tea, just not distinctive.

Please don't take it away!

5 Stars Please don't take it away!

from OK on wrote:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this tea. I'm a fan of cardamom anyway, it's one of my favorite spices. This tea is great! The Cardamom could be stronger in my opinion, but it's there, subtle and delicious. Some honey and soymilk for me and it is dessert all on it's own. I'm ordering more.


4 Stars Incredble

from SD on wrote:

Makes for a good all day tea or a dessert cup. Sweet enough on its own but I added a bit more sweet and of course cream. Delicious.

Just like a cupcake

4 Stars Just like a cupcake

from CA on wrote:

Yum! This tea tastes and smells just like a vanilla cupcake. I added a little half and half and it was delightful, no sugar needed. I took off one teapot as I wish it had more cardamon flavor and the black tea itself was a little stronger. But otherwise, quite a good cuppa.

Love the Film, Love the Tea

5 Stars Love the Film, Love the Tea

from FL on wrote:

I love this tea. It is my favorite morning and evening tea these days. A splash of milk and honey and it tastes like dessert!! Please make this a permanent offering!

Great tasting tea!

5 Stars Great tasting tea!

from NJ on wrote:

I love the flavors of this tea, the blend of the Vanilla with the Cardamom really reminds me of the atmosphere of the movie which I enjoyed also, thank you for this tea!

My favorite tea!

5 Stars My favorite tea!

from CA on wrote:

I so want this to be a forever flavor! I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is my favorite tea. Ever.


5 Stars Yummmm!

from FL on wrote:

Best tea ever! Please offer in larger amounts. In our house, we run out too soon!

turned my chai/coffee friend into a tea drinker

5 Stars turned my chai/coffee friend into a tea drinker

from WY on wrote:

Wow! This is a great tasting tea! Wasn't sure of the combination, but is something wonderful! Sweet, but not too sweet, spicy, but not too spicy. Just perfect for a cozy cup after a hard day. Makes me want to snuggle up by the fire.

Awesomeness in a cuppa

5 Stars Awesomeness in a cuppa

from AK on wrote:

This blend is great tasting. I recommend this tea.

Warm, mellow & delicious

5 Stars Warm, mellow & delicious

from NY on wrote:

What can I say – this tea is droolingly delicious. When I opened the canister I smelled the wondrous aroma of warm spice and burnt sugar (the cardamom and creme brûlée). It smelled familiar and exotic at the same time. I added two tea bags into my 14oz mug. Added boiling water, a touch of sweetener and splash of half & half. As I lifted the cup to my mouth I the aroma of the tea wafted forth. It smelled scrumptious. My first sip gave my taste buds quite a treat. The warmth of the cardamom added an interesting, mellow contrast to the burnt sugary sweetness of the creme brûlée (I’m guessing it’s a combination of vanilla and caramel but either way it’s tasty). I didn’t find the flavors overwhelming. They seem to blend together well and offer a subtle flavor to the tea. I can’t wait to sip more of this wonderfully warm and tasty tea. My only regret is that it’s not available in loose leaf.

Journey to Yum

5 Stars Journey to Yum

from NC on wrote:

This is a fabulous tasting tea. The cardamom lends a special taste to the classic vanilla tea. Must try. Hope the Republic will make this a permanent offering.

nice flavor, but can't taste the cardamom

4 Stars nice flavor, but can't taste the cardamom

from CA on wrote:

Nice flavor, but I can't taste the cardamom. Reminds me of Republic of Tea's Caramel Vanilla or Vanilla Almond.

Creme Brulee

5 Stars Creme Brulee

from DC on wrote:

with a splash of half and half and some sugar..this tea is the best! Taste like creme brulee..and in warmer weather, it was great over ice...

Simply delicious!!!

5 Stars Simply delicious!!!

from CO on wrote:

I love creme brulee, so I knew I would like this tea. I did not realize this would be one of my favorite teas! Many teas smell great, but after brewing them, you lose a lot of the flavor you were expecting -- not the case with this tea!! It has a wonderful flavor and adding a touch or milk as the canister suggests makes it creamy like creme brulee.

Delicious to sip

5 Stars Delicious to sip

from TX on wrote:

Really enjoy this flavorful blend. Not only does it taste great, but the aroma is lovely as well! I also enjoy the beautiful artwork on the tin and the collaboration with the film. Really neat project for a great taste blend! The Republic of Tea never ceases to surprise me with their new flavor combinations that taste wonderful. I will be buying more!

Nice Smooth Flavor

5 Stars Nice Smooth Flavor

from CA on wrote:

Love this flavor. Smooth and rich; a traditional fall flavor tea --splash of milk really brings out the wonderful flavors.