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Blew my socks off!

5 Stars Blew my socks off!

from MD on wrote:

I absolutely LOVE this tea! (Oh, that peppery finish!) After one bag, I walked around the office giving them out saying, "You like spicy? Well, you've GOT to try this!" Thank you Republic of Tea for an amazing tea!

teas with ginger

5 Stars teas with ginger

from CA on wrote:

love all of them.friends tried them and would like me to get more catalogs so they can order also

Great tummy tea

5 Stars Great tummy tea

from CA on wrote:

I usually do not do ratings on anything, but I must say that, for me, this tea really helps with my digestive issues. It is soothing and helps me everyday. I love this tea! Plus, it tastes wonderful.

Weak Flavor

1 Star Weak Flavor

from CA on wrote:

I really like Ginger tea and was highly disappointed in this tea. Even after brewing for 15 minutes it was very weak not much ginger flavor. Surprising as I do like other Republic of Teas that contain ginger...


5 Stars WOW!!

from KS on wrote:

Robust ginger tea settles your tummy. Even better with the second brewing.

Indulge in the wonder

5 Stars Indulge in the wonder

from MI on wrote:

This tea is wonderfully ginger but not overpowering. It is warming, comforting, delightful, unbelievably tasty and I cannot say enough good about this. If it were sold by the 1000 count I would purchase! Treat yourself!

Biodynamic Organic Ginger Tea

5 Stars Biodynamic Organic Ginger Tea

from AK on wrote:

WOW!!! The most amazing ginger tea I have ever tasted. It's like grating fresh ginger and adding hot water. If you are a ginger fan, this is definitely one you will not want to miss. :)