Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Amazing! March 20, 2015


Fort collins, CO

My new favorite tea along with the watermelon mint. Brew in hot water then pour over ice to serve cold. So refreshing! I will be drinking this a lot this summer instead of water infused with fruit!

5 Stars

Herbal favorite March 02, 2015


Milwaukee, WI

This is a perfect blend of flavors. Equally great hot or cold. I agree I hope this is a tea you always carry. This tea, along with Watermelon Mint and all the Hibiscus teas are my favorites when I take a sweet break from Darjeeling.

5 Stars

The best! August 05, 2014


Murphysboro, IL

This is my new favorite green tea! The flavor is perfect for sipping any time of the day. I hope that this will be a permanent addition to the line.

5 Stars

Delicious Hot or Cold July 18, 2014

Julia Churan

Chandler, AZ

This is my new summer favorite. I love it warm or cold. The strawberry gives it a slight sweetness and the basil offers a unique freshness.

5 Stars

Wonderful Flavor July 08, 2014


Tampa, FL

I can taste both the strawberry and the basil and they flow wonderfully, sweetened with a packet of stevia and this is the perfect office afternoon pickme up.