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Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from FL on wrote:


Delicious and refreshing

5 Stars Delicious and refreshing

from NJ on wrote:

Excellent combination of basil and strawberry together. Love that it's organic, too.


5 Stars Delightful

from MD on wrote:

The unsweetened strawberry is yummy though I don't really taste the basil. Definitely a regular reorder.

Light and refreshing

5 Stars Light and refreshing

from NC on wrote:

I was afraid the basil would be overwhelming, but the flavour of the tea is very delicate. I like it cold and take it to work in a thermos.

Delicious and refreshing

5 Stars Delicious and refreshing

from NJ on wrote:

This makes an excellent ice tea

So Refreshing

5 Stars So Refreshing

from MA on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas. It is very light and refreshing. My go-to afternoon tea.

Delicious Strawberry Basil Green Tea

5 Stars Delicious Strawberry Basil Green Tea

from WA on wrote:

This is hands down my favorite of RoT's green teas. The strawberry and basil flavors complement each other perfectly and produce a delicate, sweet taste. To me, it tastes like summer. I really wish this tea were sold in 250 tea bag bulk size.

Kids love it

5 Stars Kids love it

from NM on wrote:

I have literally circled the globe in search of the perfect blend of strawberries and green tea. I have found none overseas, making me believe that this blend is an American combination, American as bbq on th 4th. But, in order, the best is Hadley's in Albuquerque, The Cultured Cup in Dallas, this Tea, and the black/green mix you get from the nice vendor at the strawberry festival in Florida/Tampa area, and lastly, the green/white mix you get from the Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia. Considering this has basil in it, I am not sure it even fits in the running, but it is certainly a fret that keeps sugary juice and Gatorade out of the kids cups in the summer.

Special Blend

5 Stars Special Blend

from CA on wrote:

This is one of the best. Wild Berry Plum Green is another as is Blackberry Sage Black. I love the way flavors blend. Just opening a new pouch is divine. Strawberry Basil is so delicate and my of my favorite ways to start the day.

Please offer bulk bags, both small and pouch sizes!

5 Stars Please offer bulk bags, both small and pouch sizes!

from OR on wrote:

My first try of this iced tea put it in strong competition with my long-time favorite: Spring Cherry Green Tea! It is delicious and refreshing! Please offer both the pouches and single bags for bulk purchase! I live on iced tea year around and this is a winner.

Wow! This is the one!

5 Stars Wow! This is the one!

from NY on wrote:

I never liked green tea before this one-strictly a black tea drinker. The strawberry in this tea is so pure and mixed with the basil, so perfect. I have put this order on sip and ship. I wish it came in the 250 count pouch.

Strawberry Basil Green

5 Stars Strawberry Basil Green

from TN on wrote:

Just got this tea and I am so pleased! Hot or cold, it is so refreshing. Love it!!!


5 Stars Amazing!

from CO on wrote:

My new favorite tea along with the watermelon mint. Brew in hot water then pour over ice to serve cold. So refreshing! I will be drinking this a lot this summer instead of water infused with fruit!

Herbal favorite

5 Stars Herbal favorite

from WI on wrote:

This is a perfect blend of flavors. Equally great hot or cold. I agree I hope this is a tea you always carry. This tea, along with Watermelon Mint and all the Hibiscus teas are my favorites when I take a sweet break from Darjeeling.

The best!

5 Stars The best!

from IL on wrote:

This is my new favorite green tea! The flavor is perfect for sipping any time of the day. I hope that this will be a permanent addition to the line.

Delicious Hot or Cold

5 Stars Delicious Hot or Cold

from AZ on wrote:

This is my new summer favorite. I love it warm or cold. The strawberry gives it a slight sweetness and the basil offers a unique freshness.

Wonderful Flavor

5 Stars Wonderful Flavor

from FL on wrote:

I can taste both the strawberry and the basil and they flow wonderfully, sweetened with a packet of stevia and this is the perfect office afternoon pickme up.