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Best Iced Tea

5 Stars Best Iced Tea

from CA on wrote:

This iced tea is the best I have ever tasted. I bought it for the fact that it had reserve a truck in it and I wanted the health benefits. But it taste amazing and it really feels like you’re drinking wine, but without the alcohol! It’s also caffeine free which is very important for me because I can’t handle caffeine as it gives me chest pains. My husband is not a big iced tea person but he absolutely loves it as well. I’m originally from California but now I live in France and I am more than happy to pay the extra postage to get premium tea sent over here because what you put in your body should be the best quality. You only have one body and you should take care of it.

Love it!!!!

5 Stars Love it!!!!

from GA on wrote:

This is amazing and a great alternative to wine with meals. No sugar or caffeine! Also please offer in bulk!

Can't drink anymore - this tea is where it's at!

5 Stars Can't drink anymore - this tea is where it's at!

from PA on wrote:

Due to health issues, I had to give up drinking. And I have to be very picky about what I eat (FODMAP). But I still wanted something to sip on while I'm relaxing - something with the dry "soul" of a glass of wine. This tea does that, unlike anything else I've found so far. And it has no added sweeteners, which drive me bonkers (and actively taste bad to my tastebuds). Republic of Tea - please never stop making this! It's absolutely what I reach for when I need to unwind and reflect in the evenings. Downsides: Cost, cost, and cost. I use a whole sachet to brew about 2 cups. It's an expensive habit - but less expensive than the cost to my health of the alternative. I'll take it! (Republic of Tea - please make this available in bulk, I'm begging you.)

A favorite - wishing bulk was available

5 Stars A favorite - wishing bulk was available

from CA on wrote:

This quickly became a favorite. With food sensitivities and health concerns, drinking wine has become rare. This cabernet tea is a nice substitute. I much prefer the cab to the chardonnay tea which to me is bland, but the cab is flavorful. I'm surprised by so many negative reviews. I turned on some friends to this and they like it too.


1 Star Love!

from AZ on wrote:

Amazing substitute for cabernet wine ♡

Great cold brewed

5 Stars Great cold brewed

from NY on wrote:

I cold brew it! One pouch in one quart of cold water. Refrigerate 12-24 hours and that's it! Delicious over ice. All 3 Sonoma teas are great this way.

Different and interesting

4 Stars Different and interesting

from NE on wrote:

First off, I am an avid wine drinker. Love all types, especially cabernet. I did not expect this to taste exactly like cabernet, because this is made from the skins of the grapes after pressing. Having said that, does it taste like a cab? Sure, but not as a wine. It is lighter than a cab wine, and it should be. If I brewed this up and it tasted just like a cabernet, I would wonder why I am drinking this over ice! This is a great ice tea for the summer, when it might be a tad too hot and humid to enjoy opening a dark red wine, but this is a great and ingenious substitute for any meat dish, hamburger or summer bbq fun. I love this. The flavors are close enough to wine for fun, light enough for me to know I am getting some hydration. Keep up the innovation! To the Republic!

flat tasting

1 Star flat tasting

from IL on wrote:

did not enjoy taste at all it tasted flat we threw it out!

Surprised by the negative reviews!

5 Stars Surprised by the negative reviews!

from DC on wrote:

I came online to order more of this tea and I was so surprised to see the negative reviews! I love tea and I love wine. This is a rich tea that captures the richness of Cabernet is not wine, it is tea. I think it is a great, flavorful tea and I actually prefer it hot more than cold. If you are looking for a rich, flavorful tea, I recommend this one, if you are looking for a glass of wine, well......get a glass of wine.

The flavor is diluted and not Cabernet flavor at all.

1 Star The flavor is diluted and not Cabernet flavor at all.

from NY on wrote:

The chardonay is the best. I love wine and purchased all 3 Sonoma teas.

Very disappointed in this one

2 Stars Very disappointed in this one

from NY on wrote:

I thought for sue I would like this based on the fact that I really enjoy both the Chardonnay and Rose iced tea. This almost has a stale fruit taste with no hint of anything like wine. Not what I was expecting. This is the first tea I have purchased from Republic of tea that I do not like.

Really bad

1 Star Really bad

from NJ on wrote:

I was very excited to try this tea. I love wine, love tea, could it get any better? The minute you open the can you can smell that something isn't right. It smells strange, but it tastes even worse! I tried to give it to my sisters who both love tea and wine and neither would take it just from the smell alone! In the trash it goes.....Save your money

Too, Too Many Currents

1 Star Too, Too Many Currents

from NC on wrote:

I was excited when I saw the Sonoma Wine Collection and first ordered the Chardonnay and Rose varieties. I loved them. I am not a big fan of red wine but after tasting and loving the first two I ordered the Cabernet. I was VERY, VERY disappointed. When I first openned the can I could smell the odor of currants. It was very, very strong and made me hesitate to even try it. I made a pitches and after my first taste I threw it out. In a word it was awful. The taste of currants over powered every other flavor and was very unpalatable.

Not for me!

1 Star Not for me!

from IL on wrote:

This blend sounded really yummy, so I ordered it. Being a lover of red wine I thought I couldn't go wrong. I brewed up a half gallon pitcher and found the iced tea extremely disappointing - I began to question myself and how I brewed it. Could I have really messed it up??? So, I brewed a second batch (1/2 gallon), carefully following brewing directions. Once again the tea was just awful, a very musty taste. Without any preface, I had a friend sample it and she would not take more than one sip, stating the same thoughts I was having. So now I have poured a gallon of this product down the drain. This is the first Republic of Tea that has disappointed me, every other variety I have tried was been exceptionally good.

I'm not a wine drinker and this is delicious!

4 Stars I'm not a wine drinker and this is delicious!

from MN on wrote:

I saw this on the grocery shelf and I happened to be looking for a tea that was caffeine free. The ingredients sounded appealing, so I decided to give it a try. I do t drink wine, so I'm not comparing it to Cabernet. It's fruity and interesting and very refreshing. I gave it four stars instead of five due to the value for price paid.

Awful Tea! Great Customer Service!

1 Star Awful Tea! Great Customer Service!

from FL on wrote:

Awful tea! It doesn't taste anything like wine and there is an overpowering burnt aftertaste that persists for many seconds. To be fair, I've been with Republic of Tea for over 10 years and these wine teas are the first I didn't like. Great customer service! After I wrote this review, Republic of Tea contacted me to offer a refund on all three wine teas I didn't like. (I then submitted this follow-up review). I didn't ask for the refund. I didn't even complain to them. They saw the review and contacted me to make it right. Wow! Now that's customer Service with a capital 'S'!

Delicious Summertime Tea!

5 Stars Delicious Summertime Tea!

from SC on wrote:

I love this tea! It has become my go to tea after being out in the hot weather. But, I would like to see more of it in the tins or a reduction of the price would be helpful! Maybe free shipping would be nice, too!!! I'm making it almost every day!

This tea is spectacular!

5 Stars This tea is spectacular!

from WA on wrote:

Wow--I mean, WOW! For someone who can't drink regular tea with tea leaves, I'm always looking for other options. This is really amazing stuff--a nice icy treat for summer!

Think raisins

3 Stars Think raisins

from AZ on wrote:

Grapey? Yes, but it's of the raisin type. The tea is OK but this did not remind me of wine at all. Different, colorful, but didn't like it enough to buy it again.

Made for me

5 Stars Made for me

from AZ on wrote:

Given the fact that I cannot do caffeine and that I LOVE wine, I think this "tea" was made just for me! I also do not drink soda so I find myself drinking lots of water, so these teas are a refreshing change! Highly recommend them, although they are called tea, but have no tea in them.I tried all of the flavors and love them all.

Very strange taste and aroma did not like it

1 Star Very strange taste and aroma did not like it

from CA on wrote:

have to admit this is the strangest tasting "tea" and I have tried many kindas of tea but this one was unusual in the wrong way. Aroma before brewing was unpleasantly strong and artificial and the tea once brewed un-drinkable. Perhaps an acquired taste but not for me!


5 Stars LOVE IT

from CT on wrote:

I really love this tea. After I tasted it, I wondered how long my can would last. Unfortunately this is one of the few flavors of Republic that aren't sold at my grocery store. Anywho, this tastes like wine. So far the only one of this series that I can see buying again and again. Oh and I am a wine drinker.

Nice, but doesn't taste like wine to me

4 Stars Nice, but doesn't taste like wine to me

from NJ on wrote:

I like this iced tea but a bit stronger than the label suggests. I like the flavor a lot and of the three, this is the "wine-iest" but it's still not really a lot like wine. If you want a light, refreshing caffeine-free iced tea but don't like hibiscus (which most herbal iced teas seem to include), any of the three wine teas would be good choices.

Come Hither Flavor

4 Stars Come Hither Flavor

from MD on wrote:

I do enjoy wine and, horrors, in the summer, I add a few cubes to my red wine, as I sip on the patio. This iced tea tastes exactly like watered wine with a hint of sweetness. Very refreshing. But, it's that, I need more, I need another taste and before you realize you have gone through the whole quart. My hubs tried it, put the glass down and walked away saying " you can have it" only to turn around and come back and reclaim it. Yes, it's that kind of drink. You're not sure about it but you keep going back for more. I will stock up on this. It is a welcome retreat from the usual iced teas. It's that good.


5 Stars Tasty

from BC on wrote:

I am not a wine drinker, so I don't know how to compare this to a cabernet, however, I can say that it was a tasty brew. It is slightly sweet and does have a grape and berry taste to it. I much prefered it brewed 1.5 to 2 times the strength. I just wish it was in the same price point as the other iced teas. This costs more and provides less brewing pouches.