One of the best teas I've ever had

5 Stars One of the best teas I've ever had

from MO on wrote:

I have tasted hundreds of teas in my life and I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best I've ever had. They absolutely nailed the flavor, making the cucumber a bit stronger than the mint but still balancing the aromas and flavors well. It is light and delicate, and tastes better iced than hot. A perfect drink on a hot summer day. I drink multiple cups of this tea each day--I cannot get enough.

Light, tasty tea

5 Stars Light, tasty tea

from MA on wrote:

This tea is very good, one of my favorites. Have only tried it hot, but can't wait to try it cold once the weather warms up a bit more.

Great Ice Tea

5 Stars Great Ice Tea

from TX on wrote:

One of my favs - makes great ice tea!


5 Stars Refreshing

from TX on wrote:

Cool, light and refreshing. Good stuff

Cucumber Mint

5 Stars Cucumber Mint

from OH on wrote:

I bought this because the name seemed mild and refreshing and it did not disappoint. I really like it. It is perfect when you want something delicate and calming.


5 Stars Delicious

from CT on wrote:

I decided to give this a shot based on other reviews and I was not disappointed. It is very light and refreshing. I prefer my tea hot, and it is still very refreshing.

Love this tea! Iced!

5 Stars Love this tea! Iced!

from PA on wrote:

I have to admit that I love this tea!!! I make it and then let it cool and put in the fridge to have iced tea for a few days. The cucumber and mint combination is perfect and not too strong. I highly recommend.

Wonderful tea

5 Stars Wonderful tea

from NM on wrote:

This is one of the best teas I've ever had! So light and refreshing! I look forward to enjoying it all summer long!

Refreshing and delicious.

5 Stars Refreshing and delicious.

from AZ on wrote:

I love this tea! It's one of my absolute favorites. Hot is cozy and good. And I mixed it with ice and lemonade and made a cold refreshing drink. Either way it's delicious!

Amazingly Refreshing!

5 Stars Amazingly Refreshing!

from MI on wrote:

I love Spearmint - hardly ever find anything that is real, natural tasting. Love cucumbers - same there. This surpasses all expectations! I am recommending it to everyone I know. I think it's the perfect summer tea. (And as a personal aside, I always brew all my tea with a decaf green tea bag included....get all the good taste of whatever you're brewing and all the good from the green tea as a bonus.)

My new favorite tea!!

5 Stars My new favorite tea!!

from MO on wrote:

Tried this on a whim and love it! I have not tried it iced yet but I'm sure it's fantastic. Great summertime tea. Cooling even when served hot.

This makes a great iced tea

5 Stars This makes a great iced tea

from NE on wrote:

I just bought this new white tea and I have had it both hot and cold. I enjoy it as a hot tea, but absolutely love it as an iced tea. Flavors are true, light but distinctive and is absolutely refreshing. Nice to know I am getting a great infusion of antioxidants as well.

One of My Favorites

5 Stars One of My Favorites

from TX on wrote:

I drink a lot of iced tea, and Cucumber Mint is one of my favorites. Very refreshing. I especially like to mix it half and half with the Watermelon Hibiscus. So good!

Love tea, not a coffee person, I grind coffee beans am for spouse for 35 yrs plu

5 Stars Love tea, not a coffee person, I grind coffee beans am for spouse for 35 yrs plu

from CA on wrote:

What a refreshing tea. Need to order more so I don't run out!

Another great tea!

5 Stars Another great tea!

from OR on wrote:

This is a great tea - the spearmint has a nice sweet taste that's balanced well with the cucumber flavor to create a very refreshing tea. I definitely recommend this tea and I'll be ordering it again for sure.