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Very Comforting Tea

5 Stars Very Comforting Tea

from CA on wrote:

Comfort in a cup. Another tea that should be available year round.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from FL on wrote:

I received a sample of this tea in a catalog. I kept the packet to remind me to order a tin of it. It's very similar to "Dream by the Fire". It's a great tea with a little sugar and milk on a chilly day. I'm not a big fan of red tea, but combined with the cinnamon and vanilla, it's great. I just ordered a full tin of it.

An All Season Selection

5 Stars An All Season Selection

from IL on wrote:

I received this tea as a sample, enjoyed it's flavor combination of vanilla with a hint of cinnamon. I'm gravitating towards the complete line of Downton Abbey with it's smooth flavors and nice finish. I purchased 36 bags so I can continue to enjoy this after the holiday season is over.

Just delicious

5 Stars Just delicious

from CA on wrote:

I do like Rooibus tea but it is not really tasty enough for me. THIS tea fills the bill with the blend of vanilla and cinnamon. I do drink it without sweetener and in the evening, since it is caffeine free. I would highly recommend it.

Not for Me

1 Star Not for Me

from OR on wrote:

I did not like this tea, but I am not a fan of rooibos tea. If you are, you may like this. It has a nice cinnamon spice to it, which could be very warming and comforting. I like the tin, so I'm not completely disappointed. I just need to find someone who likes red tea.

Holiday Cheer = Delicious!

5 Stars Holiday Cheer = Delicious!

from MD on wrote:

I received a packet of the Downton Abbey Holiday Cheer tea as a sample after ordering some others and it is so good I'm going to have to order it too. You don't need any sweetener and the cinnamon is not at all overpowering. This makes a great evening tea - caffeine free so it won't keep you awake and a calming flavor.

My favorite fall and winter evening tea.

5 Stars My favorite fall and winter evening tea.

from IL on wrote:

This tea is perfect for a fall or winter evening. I'll be very sad if it is now longer offer once Downton Abbey completes the final season.