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Nice tea

4 Stars Nice tea

from FL on wrote:

I enjoy this tea. The flavor is a bit subtle and I would enjoy a bit stronger flavor, but it's very refreshing and light.

Continually buy

5 Stars Continually buy

from CA on wrote:

Again a perfect ice tea. Just enough for the summer a refreshing drink. If you want more umph "caffeine" use a few black tea bags when preparing it. When I know the boys are going to be by thats how I make it. They LOVE it too.

Coconut water for the win

4 Stars Coconut water for the win

from CA on wrote:

This is a great, mildly sweet, tropical iced tea. I prefer to blend teas for iced tea, so I pair this with a white tea, and pineapple tea. It's not too strong like the green tea version. Perfect for several glass fulls.


5 Stars Delicious

from TX on wrote:

If you've ever spent money on a carton of pineapple coconut water, buy this instead! Refreshing, slightly sweet, and delicious.

new favorite

5 Stars new favorite

from IN on wrote:

It is delicious. You pick up slight notes of every item in the tea. It isn't too strong either.

Awesome Summer Iced Tea

5 Stars Awesome Summer Iced Tea

from IL on wrote:

This is my absolute favorite iced tea! It has a mild pineapple and coconut water flavor making it perfect to drink all day. I like to add chunks of fresh pineapple while it steeps to amplify the pineapple taste. No worries about the coconut water making it taste like a pina colada, it's like fresh and light with none of the sticky sweetness that you don't want.


4 Stars Great

from CA on wrote:

I made a gallon for the family as soon as received this. Well it was LOVE. So well received by all, we will buy this again. Very slight hint of flavors, but nice.


5 Stars Excellent

from WI on wrote:

I agree with a previous reviewer, that this is more like flavored coconut water than true iced tea. However, also like that reviewer, I feel that's definitely a good thing here. Just a hint of tea with all of the refreshment of coconut water makes for a delicious drink at an excellent price. What's not to love?


5 Stars Yummmmm

from TN on wrote:

This tea is really delicious! The coconut water flavor blends really well with the pineapple, but the coconut is definitely the top note in this one. It's really light and nice. Meet my new summer tea!

This is more like true coconut water

4 Stars This is more like true coconut water

from NE on wrote:

I think to use the term iced tea is a misnomer for this product. It tastes heavier than a tea. Having said that, this is still a wonderful, refreshing and hydrating drink. It makes economic sense as well, because flavored coconut water is not cheap. I like this product and I truly appreciate all of the innovation going on within the Republic!