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Defogger of your mind!

5 Stars Defogger of your mind!

from NY on wrote:

I have MS & occasionally have 'brain fog'. I sip a nice hot cup of this tea & feel the easing of the 'fogginess'! I wouldn't call it a cure, but it sure helps!

Bright & Refreshing

5 Stars Bright & Refreshing

from WI on wrote:

I just started a new job, and have a cup of this tea before work. It helps to keep me alert and refreshed!


4 Stars Tasting

from CT on wrote:

Not bad but didn't taste as well as the get smart tea

Fabulous tea. Fabulous taste.

5 Stars Fabulous tea. Fabulous taste.

from OH on wrote:

Purchased some RoT items as a gift for a family member and this tea came as a sample in the box. Well I tried it and fell in love! I purchased a tin of this tea and have been in love with it even more. I typically drink this around late afternoon when I hit that "slump". With a tablespoon of honey, I am all set!

Delightful Tea

5 Stars Delightful Tea

from TX on wrote:

It has a smooth taste that is easy to go back to...sip after sip and cup after cup!

Love the flavor!

5 Stars Love the flavor!

from WA on wrote:

I enjoy the black current flavor. I can see the green tea powder when I place it it my cup, so I know I am getting healthy antioxidants. I will order again. I would prefer 50 teabags in the container.

Give your brain a boost!

5 Stars Give your brain a boost!

from NE on wrote:

Love this tea! I'm on the website ordering my second tin after drinking it daily for the last month. Its black currant flavor (kind of like a raisin) is very soothing. I feel myself relaxing and my brain perking up when I have a cup.