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Immunity Tea

5 Stars Immunity Tea

from CA on wrote:

Tried this tea during the last cold I had, alternating with the Turmiric Tea. My cold lasted 4 days instead of the usual 2 weeks. I'm impressed. Can't say I like the taste, but the benefits are worth it.

Best purchase ever

5 Stars Best purchase ever

from MI on wrote:

Loved it would order it again for sure.

So tasty!

5 Stars So tasty!

from TN on wrote:

The taste is wonderful. It's sweeter than most green teas. I love oranges so the hint of orange really makes this tea my favorite of any I've had. If you like oranges, get this!

Love the taste.

5 Stars Love the taste.

from OH on wrote:

This is a wonderful tea. The taste is so light and fresh. I look forward to sipping it each day. I have some chronic illnesses and I am hoping that this will improve my immunity.

The smell from opening the can!

5 Stars The smell from opening the can!

from TX on wrote:

I love the smell! Sometimes I find myself sniffing more than drinking it lol. The taste is amazing I feel a lot better. It kicked my cold right out!

super immunity

5 Stars super immunity

from IL on wrote:

This a mild, slightly naturally sweat tea. I drink a cup every afternoon. So far this winter I've only had a mild cold when folks all around me are sick for weeks with a cold. Have converted 2 friends to a daily cup of immunity boosting.

A delicious, fragrant tea.

5 Stars A delicious, fragrant tea.

from LA on wrote:

This is a delicious, fragrant tea with a pleasant citrus taste. It has minimal caffeine, which is ideal for relaxation. I drink this every Sunday! My only complaint about this tea is that there isn't a smaller refill.

Love this tea!!!

5 Stars Love this tea!!!

from NJ on wrote:

I'm a tea lover but this tea is one of the kind!!!

Incredible flavor!

5 Stars Incredible flavor!

from MN on wrote:

Please please please please PLEASE provide this in bulk tea bags! I love so many of your other tea flavors and this one definitely falls in my top 5 favorite.

Smells and tastes divine

5 Stars Smells and tastes divine

from TX on wrote:

I tend to judge a good cuppa by the smell when I open the container. Well this one definitely did not disappoint. I could wait for the water to be ready! I will be purchasing more!!!!