bought as a gift

5 Stars bought as a gift

from CA on wrote:

I bought a bunch of these as gifts for teachers and nurses appreciation week, and they did not disappoint. They were shipped out quickly and safely bubble wrapped. I want one for myself now and will be ordering again soon. Thank you.

Good gift

5 Stars Good gift

from IN on wrote:

I like to get this sample tin for people for gifts. It lets them sample all your great teas and then I tell them to let me know which ones they liked best and I get them a tin of their favorites for future gifts!!

For my boys

5 Stars For my boys

from IN on wrote:

I ordered two of the sample tins as Christmas gifts for my two boys. They love tea and I thought it would be a great idea to try different teas , give them a variety and then order individual tins when they decide what they like!

Wonderful Sampler

5 Stars Wonderful Sampler

from TX on wrote:

I love this assortment of flavors. I don't like to have the same thing every day, so this gives me a great variety of wonderful flavors. The tin is also really nice and love the presentation of the bags :)

Wow factor is 10

5 Stars Wow factor is 10

from NY on wrote:

I love this item.... I'm a decaf drinker and my husband likes caffeine so we're happy with the variety. The huge tin will be repurposed. It's a good gift for people with lots of shelf space, not sure if it's good for arthritic folks like me as the tin is difficult to open.... I'm going through and sperating into his and hers. On

apparently it is all that!

5 Stars apparently it is all that!

from TX on wrote:

I sent this to my mother, just because. I am pretty sure she will never drink it because (insert gushing sounds) it is too beautiful and too scrumptious smelling! Nonetheless I have tried many many many Republic of Teas with my friends and family, and this gift will definitely satiate any tea lover.

great selection

5 Stars great selection

from NJ on wrote:

The selection of teas in this tin is wonderful. My son and I enjoy a different cup every night. Thanks for putting together such a nice selection.