Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Perfect Summer Tea March 20, 2015


Salt Lake City, UT

Generally, I'm not a fan of coconut. I was skeptical to try this tea, but I am so glad I did. Loose tea's flavor is even better, so I took the plunge and bought in bulk. Now I have enough to last the entire summer, probably. Delicious!

2 Stars

Couldn't taste coconut at all June 22, 2013


Santa Cruz, CA

Maybe I got a bad batch at Cost Plus, but I love coconut, and this didn't taste like it. Although, I remembered Red Zinger, which I hated, and this tastes much better than that. I took it to help my blood pressure. Please note that I needed a much higher dose than this paultry amount in the tea bag could provide. See the wikipedia page. Hibiscus is a diuretic, but also it's an angiotensin I inhibitor; I was prescribed an angiotensin II inhibitor (benicar) and discovered that the former is a precursor to the latter, so it did the same thing as the very expensive medication! You need to take your blood pressure an hour after drinking the tea to see if you got the correct dose. I needed 2 heaping spoonfuls of the dry pure hibiscus to get a result. So to say this small teabag would do the same thing is really not true, in my humble opinion.

5 Stars

A wonderful all day tea! August 16, 2012


Delray Beach, FL

I have now tried most of the hibiscus varieties that Republic offers and this one is my favorite! I typically brew a large pot of this and ice it for my morning 'juice' and the turn to it for a refreshing boost all during the day. Love the hint of coconut flavor that balances the tartness of the hibiscus. I don't have to add sweetener, but then I do like things unsweetened...

5 Stars

Fantastic Hot or Iced June 15, 2012


Milwaukee, WI

After 4 tins of Hibiscus Lychee Pineapple and 1 of Hibiscus Lime, I decided to try Hibiscus Coconut. I usually like anything with coconut, and coconut with Hibiscus is combination. I really wasn't sure that they would blend together so well. It is just the perfect refreshing iced tea. It's like a natural burst of energy. I have liked all the Hibiscus teas I have tried. I also really love Pu-erh Coconut, but I do not like Macaroon Tea, which is too weak a flavor for me. I know I will be buying many refil tins of Hibiscus Coconut.

4 Stars

Awesome Flavor Profile February 23, 2012


Surprise, AZ

Awesome product with a unique flavor profile. I will definitely be adding this one to my favorites list.

5 Stars

Hooked! November 03, 2011


Elk Grove, CA

I am totally hooked on this tea and the Hibiscus Pineapple Lychee. The tea is fruity with flavors that burst across your palate. I add a little agave nectar to sweeten. It's great both hot and iced.