Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Evening comfort tea February 18, 2013


Cabot, AR

This is a nice sweet tea that my family likes hot. I discovered this tea about a year back and everyone of my children would rather have cup of this hot tea to study with than a soda. My wife and I make a whole pot for each of us and do our evening day planing and housing duties with. Our whole family loves this tea so much we are running through bulk bags every month. I would rather my family be drinking this wonderful tea and drinking tons of soda everyday.

5 Stars

Delicious!! July 09, 2012


Jamison, PA

Great hot or cold!

5 Stars

love this stuff iced! August 03, 2011


mountain view, CA

it's light and refreshing, nice for when i want something "more than water". With the lychee it's not too tangy for me, but i brew ~4 tsp in a quart of water.