Rose Petal Black Full-Leaf

Rose Petal  Black Full-Leaf
Rose Petal Tea Full-Leaf
Rose Petal  Black Full-Leaf

A Romantic Bouquet - Formerly named the Queen of Hearts Tea, this royal tea blend has the light spice of delicate, young rose buds and petals atop the sweet fullness of China black tea. A Victorian tradition, perfect served in fine China cups for kings, queens, friends and loved ones.

Rose Petal Black Tea is a limited-edition, seasonal blend. When it's gone, it's gone!

Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Finest black tea leaves, rose buds, rose petals and natural flavors.



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Absolute Perfection in a Teacup

Orlando, FL

I just brewed my first pot of Rose Petal full leaf black tea. This is the kind of cup that reminds me of how very much I love to relax with a cup of tea. When I opened the tin, I was surprised (and a little concerned) at the amount of rose petals and buds. But not to worry! it is just enough to smooth out the black tea, not at all overly perfumed or flowery. This is a tea that makes me want to sit back, put my feet up, and just enjoy.

5 Stars

This tea will always be the Queen of my Heart

De Pere, WI

This tea stole my heart two years ago when I picked it up for the first time around Valentines day from World Market. Ever since then I have had a love affair with loose tea but this one remains by far my favorite. I was devastated when last year I went back to stock up on another tin and they had changed my beautiful Queen of Hearts to a rose tea with hibiscus and raspberry! (which they still sell here)Convinced they no longer made it and it was a glorious fluke I hoarded my remaining Queen of hearts, periodically checking back on the website to see if they sold it there. Last week I went on to see again and what luck! My love was back as a seasonal item! I was not letting her slip through my fingers again so I bought the bag, now I will be good through December of next year (according to the sip by date) I'll just have to remember to come back around valentines when I run out to buy myself another bag. Please never discontinue this lovely tea, I have not found another black loose leaf rose tea that is not muddled up with so many other tastes it is hardly a rose tea at all. Try this tea;you will not be disappointed. Not overwhelmingly floral like most teas (lavender) subtle floral rose flavor (I love the little rose heads in the tea) with the deep satisfying black tea.

5 Stars

Beautiful cup of tea

Richmond, ME

The tea you receive looks exactly like the photo. The taste is divine. I will always have this in my cabinet.

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever

Duluth, MN

This tea is light and fragrant. With a great flavor. I'm a big English Breakfeast or Irish Breakfast tea. Well, any black tea really. But this is my ultimate favorite.

5 Stars

Wonderful afternoon Cup!

Hedgesville, WV

I find this a lovely mid-afternoon cup with a small snack! The rose scent and taste makes me feel happy!

5 Stars

incredible aroma

St. Louis, MO

the aroma pulls you in but the taste is what keeps you going back for more....very flavorful, full-bodied tea....highly recommend..

5 Stars

Absolutely My Favorite

Staunton, VA

This is my most favorite for black teas. It is so soothing and comforting.

5 Stars


Gardena, CA

Wonderfully subtle and fragrant. I usually buy my rose tea from the Huntington Library and Gardens but this is much superior.

5 Stars

A delicious rose tea

Mankato, MN

I received a large bag of Rose Petal tea for Christmas a few years back, and loved it. Not only is it wonderfully delicious, it's a very pretty tea with rose petals and buds, and is fun to brew with my little teaspoon tea infuser. A great afternoon tea, and perfect with a sweet dessert. Just heavenly. I discovered it's only available seasonally, so I stock up when it's in the catalog.

5 Stars

Smells Wonderful

Fresno, CA

This tea is delicious and it has such a beautiful rose smell.

5 Stars

Rose garden in a cup

Phoenixville, PA

I used to drink a rose black tea from China Town, but I think it had Gluten in it, so I haven't had it for years. This tea surpasses the prior tea. I wish there was a decaf version - I would drink it all day!

5 Stars

Best ever!

Chantilly, VA

This is the BEST Rose tea I ever have so far. I am a tea lover and have been trying all kinds of teas. This rose tea doesn't taste artificial and it's very important for tea lovers. It has this very nice rose smell that will make your day happier! Some tea you taste it once and that's it. This one, I ordered another 1lb just so I have enough through the year!

5 Stars

smells so goodd

Jefferson Hills, PA

Reminds me of my Grandma. Used to pick roses from her garden for tea. Love it.

5 Stars

Tastes like friendship!

Las Cruces, NM

The subtle scent of rose wafts through strong black tea like a cool breeze on a hot day in mid June. I first had this tea with a friend to celebrate our June birthdays. She has since passed on but I buy a supply every year when it's available so I can always brew a pot and remember her and our friendship.

5 Stars

Love This Tea

Cincinnati, OH

Thrilled you brought this back again. I bought a little last year and discovered how wonderful this tea is. I managed to get one more bag of it before you sold out, but my supply was getting low. Now I should be set for a while.

5 Stars

Rose Petal Tea

Baltimore, MD

To the taste buds what the most beautiful bouquet of roses is to the eye. Very refreshing.

5 Stars

I absolutely love this tea! My favorite!

Denver, CO

This is by far my favorite tea. It smells amazing and taste amazing! I love drinking it iced. Whole foods used to sell it but discontinued it. I buy the bulk one bc I don't want to run out! I hope they don't ever discontinue this off the republic of tea site.

5 Stars

Lovely scent, excellent taste

Auburn, CA

I've been buying this tea for 4 years now, and after my first purchase have always bought bulk so that I can enjoy it year-round. It has a wonderful aroma and great taste. Also, it can take over-steeping without turning really caustic. This may be due to the rose petals in the mix. I work from home and I sometimes over-steep due to meetings, etc. in the midst of brewing my morning tea.

5 Stars

Wow! What a tea!

Boonsboro, MD

Absolutely delicious. I quilt in the evenings and like to have something warm but not coffee. This is just perfect. Warm, smells devine, I use just a little natural sugar or honey and it is a perfect dessert. Sometimes it's too good and I go back and add more water and still have great taste.

5 Stars

My very favorite

Fairhaven, MA

I am also obsessed with this tea - beautiful aroma and an elegant taste. Next time I am buying a larger quantity and I wish I could rate this lovely tea 10,0000

5 Stars

Lovely Delicate Rose Tea

Temple Terrace, FL

This is my favorite rose tea--delicate but with excellent flavor--it's light enough to drink even at night--not jazzed enough to keep me from sleeping

5 Stars

I Love This Tea

Berlin, NJ

I have absolutely fallen in love with this tea. The taste is delicious, and the scent works like aroma therapy. This tea has a black tea base so it does have caffiene, but I also find it a very relaxing cup of tea. It soothes and refreshes all at once. As a migraine sufferer I've also been pleased to note that it seems to relieve my headaches a bit as well. The only sad thing about this tea is that it is seasonal. I just know that I'm going to have to order one of the bulk bags with my next order while they are still available so that I can be sure to have this tea on hand year round.

5 Stars


Marysville, CA

This tea is one of my favorites. What a delightful experience ... such flavor!

5 Stars

All Time Favorite Rose Tea

campbell, CA

I've tried many rose flavored teas - black, green and white and I keep coming back to this Rose Petal Tea as my favorite. I buy in bulk when in season to make sure I have enough to last all year. Love it hot with a splash of milk and adore it iced all summer long.

5 Stars

Obsessed with This Tea!

Maple Glen, PA

I saw the ad for this tea in an email I received from the company. I checked it out & then was afraid to buy because I don't like herbal or flowery teas. A local big supermarket sold a rose black tea so I tried theirs instead. It was good enough that it made me take a chance on the Republic of Tea's version. Like another reviewer said, this is by far the best. Immediately after getting it & tasting it, I placed another order for more of this limited-time tea. I've been drinking it every day since. I'm obsessed! LOL! I cannot wait to try other Republic of Tea's teas because this is just so good that it makes me want to try others from this company.

5 Stars

Finally I found MY tea!

Cincinnati, OH

I first tried this tea in a book store when it was still Queen of Hearts Tea and have been looking for it ever since! It is just as wonderful as I remember it being if not more so now that I can make it in the comfort of my own home.

5 Stars

very good

ft lauderdale, FL

needs more rose but very good i love it now my daughter does too

5 Stars

I will go broke bc of this


I had this as part of rose milk tea at a library and I immediately bought a pound of it. But it's too bad it didn't last long enough until the next year. So I bought two pounds last Feb, and it only made it to sad. Maybe three pounds this year?

5 Stars

greenville, PA

I was at a restaurant and tried a rose tea and loved it. i tried to find this brand of tea and failed. then I tried your rose tea and its as good as the other one, and my daughter is having a tea party in the fall, so I ordered 2 cans, I hope this is enought. I love this tea.

4 Stars

So Aromatic

Cincinnati, OH

The scent of this tea is wonderful. I tried rose tea when recently in China and this is even better than that. It does not taste perfumey. If you love the smell of roses, you'll love the flavor of this tea.

5 Stars

The tea of my heart

Columbus, OH

I simply love this tea. I have tried other rose teas in the past, but this one takes the cake. The leaves themselves are a sight to enjoy, paired with the most beautiful rosebuds I almost feel guilty steeping it. The aromas are heavenly, the perfect amount of rose in the cup. Once brewed, this tea is just delicious. I've enjoyed it sweetened, but prefer to take it plain. The flavor of the roses is just so beautiful, and pairs perfectly with the china black tea. The second steeping of this tea is lighter, but equally aromatic. Just a beautiful tea overall. This is what I go to when I want to treat myself, or for special occasions. A wonderful tea.

5 Stars


, MS

My first cup was pure heaven! I love this tea, it's so fragrant and full-bodied. I love to inhale the aroma. I feel like I'm sitting in a rose garden in the dead of winter. My only regret is I didn't buy two cans.

5 Stars

Deliciously Rose

Temple Terrace, FL

Beautifully subtle black tea with a rich and deliciously sweet rose essence--both fragrance and flavour are rosalicious A real treat--very special blend! Please keep it available for a long while?!

5 Stars

The Royalty Tea

Park Ridge, IL

I received this tea from my daughter on Valentines Day. I give Royal Tea Parties and I must say this is a beautiful tea blend. When you open the container their are actual rose buds in the tea. The fragrance is wonderful. I brewed as directed and allowed it to steep the full 5 minutes because I like my tea on the stronger side. What a pleasant surprise the fragrance of the tea was so comforting and floral that I couldnt wait to drink it and it was smooth and very delicious. May I say it was truly a royal cup of tea because it made me feel like the Queen that I am!

5 Stars

I love the taste!

, CA

I think the roses make this a really delicious change to just plain black tea. I've tried others with roses in the brew but this one is a perfect blend.

4 Stars

Almost perfect

Miami, FL

The nice big rosebuds and rose pieces mixed with a mild black tea make a more balanced and smooth rose tea than some of the others I've tried. I prefer a slightly stronger black tea taste, but all in all this is one of the better ones available, definitely worth a try.

1 Star

It's Like Potpourri

Naperville, IL

I am so sorry Republic of Tea, this tea is a fail for me. The reviews were favorable and so I thought I'd try it. I purchased this along with some others. As soon as I opened the container the "rosey" aroma hit me, then came the taste. It's like drinking a fragrance and not in a good way. I have loved all your teas thus far. The other teas I purchased are great so in the future I will stick to what I know. Thank you.

5 Stars

Rose Petal Black Tea

Waxahachie, TX

Reading: Very light and fregrant tea. Smooth not bitter. I loved it!

5 Stars


Sacramento, CA

This has been a delightful experience from the moment I opened the tin and the aroma of those wonderful roses entered my life. Because this tea has a natural sweet flavor there is no need to add anything to your cup except the tea itself. It has become my favorite cup of tea now!

5 Stars


Bel Air, MD

I read the other reviews before buying this tea about how relaxing and "take away" this tea is. It was not until I experienced myself that I was amazed. The aroma in and of itself is perfect and you don't even have to drink it to start experiencing the pure enjoyment of it. Just opening the lid, all of your senses are taken away. It smells like a fresh bouquet, looks beautiful with the full petal presentation, and then...the taste and aroma make you feel relaxed and of royalty. So glad I tried this. I am forever a fan.

5 Stars

A whiff of summer in a cup

Gig Harbor, WA

Just looking at this tea in the tin makes me happy - chock full of dainty pink rosebuds and rose petals. You can smell a field of roses with each sip- delicious! I'll definitely order it again next year.

5 Stars

Apothacary Rose Tea

Danbury, NH

Tasting notes of Apothocary Rose tea the Monks would have been proud to serve & preserve.. Outstanding!!

5 Stars

Best. Rose. Tea. Ever.

Overland Park, KS

I ordered this tea for the first time last year, and just had to order it again this year. I've had other rose teas, but this one is the best; the rose flavor is present (with even some tiny whole buds), but not overpowering. The blend is perfection. The one downside is that it's seasonal and gone after Valentine's Day.

5 Stars

Wait All Year For This Tea

campbell, CA

This is my favorite rose tea - and I have tried many others! Love it both plain and with a splash of milk. Also great iced during warm weather. I stock up whenever its available so I won't run out.

1 Star

Too artificial

Worton, MD

I did not care for this tea at all. The aroma upon first opening the can was very artificial smelling of preservatives, cheap perfume and red dye #2. I was very disappointed as i was looking for a clean tasting aromatic brew. All I got was the taste of preservatives, cheap perfume and red dye#2. I am considering sending this tea back but I have one other tea to try that was in this same order. Disappointed...

Amazing aroma and taste

San Bernardino, CA

Received this tea last week and had to immediately order one for a birthday present and a bulk order for myself. Have a dozen containers from R of T and this is my absolute favorite.

5 Stars

Worth the wait

Minneapolis, MN

This is the tea my wife and I sit down to when we want to have great conversation for the night. We mix with sugar and it has a shorter steep time. Only available once a year, it's something I look forward to in January. This tea is so good, I used to buy it out in the store when it came in. I can no longer find it in the store, so I buy a year's supply when it comes on sale. Buy a tin and you won't be disappointed.

5 Stars


Johnstown PA,

I've had this before... from China. This is a great blend! EXCELLENT for a cold day.

5 Stars

perfect for tea parties!!

Atwater, CA

This is the perfect tea for a ladies tea party! It smells like a bouquet of roses.

5 Stars

I'm out of adjectives

Denver, CO

I first thought lovely, then sublime- I love this tea. It smells heavenly, like walking through a rose garden, and tastes sooo good. It has become my favorite tea and my favorite gift to my tea loving friends

5 Stars


saint charles, MO

Tasted this at the MO Botanical Gardens and immediately went home to order the largest amount possible. It smells like roses and tastes like a smooth black tea. What else could you possibly want? The fact that there are rose buds in here makes me want to put it on display in a clear glass jar, but I don't know if that's good for the tea. I don't know much about tea or how to describe it, but all I can say is you have a fan for life with this one. It's smooth and it smells divine!!

5 Stars

Queen of roses

Chicago, IL

I have loved this tea since early 2000 when Republic of tea was with barns n noble. I love the flavour which makes you feel like your tasting smelling a rose. Sounds odd but that is the sence you feel when your tasting. I am however not pleased by the new packaging. I loved the picture. If it was transfered onto the white background it would be more appeasing to me. So for right now Im reusing my can.

5 Stars

rose petal tea


Each time I make a cup, I feel as though I've been transported to my own tranquil rose garden. Heady scent of roses with the robust flavor of fine black teas.

5 Stars

Love Rose Petal tea

Mammoth Lakes,

I've been drinking this tea for several years of my favorites! There's a delightful hint of roses in the tea...not overpowering...just right.

5 Stars

Rose Petal Black Tea

Ontario, CA

I bought this as the Queen of Hearts Tea, and this is my absolute favorite. Just breathing in the scent is a beautiful experience. I would love to scent my car with sachets made of it. I think it's the perfect blend of smooth black tea and roses. It's beautiful to look at too! I wish you would make this a regular tea!

5 Stars


different, fragrant, excellent

3 Stars


Longview, IL

it smelled great but flavor was not there.

5 Stars

wonderful rose aroma

Westerly, RI

lovely rose aroma with beautiful rosebuds in your cup. what a great way to enjoy an afternoon on a porch in the spring.

5 Stars

A Rose is a Rose is a aromatic tea!

Saratoga Springs, NY

Not only is this tea delightful, but beautiful to look at. I fell in love with rose tea years ago at teatime in London. It haunted me, so I am glad to finally find this tea. I hope I can get it year round!

5 Stars

Drinking Roses While In My Garden

Salt Lake City, UT

I've been buying this tea for years and my favorite. It takes like my rose garden smells in June during the first bloom. I can't live with out it. I only wish there was a decaf so I could enjoy it in the evening also.

5 Stars

An aromatic experience!

Celebration, FL

Excellent - excellent - excellent! Once you open the package or tin, your senses are filled with the aroma of roses. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning or take a break during the day - savoring the aroma and taste of freshness. This is my favorite tea for any occasion - fulled bodied black with the essence and presence of the wonderful roses! Yum....

5 Stars

tastes as beautiful as it looks!

Hollywood, FL

This tea is a delight for the senses! It is so beautiful to look at with the actual rose buds and petals that I nearly wish it were in a clear container. Its aroma is soothing and romantic, I could just put some into a sachet and place it in my lingerie drawer! The flavor is an equal match to its visual beauty and fragrance. Pull out your fancy English tea set and have a party because this tea is worth a celebration!

5 Stars

My Favorite!

Corvallis, OR

This is my favorite black tea! Hands down. I'm a huge fan of flowers in my food and beverages and this lovely tea manages to perfectly capture both the scent and the flavor of a rose in full bloom. I highly recommend this tea to anyone!! Cheers! Blyss

5 Stars

I love this tea!

Santa Rosa, CA

The first time I tasted this tea it was with friends at a delightful tea shop. I fell in love with its gentle flavor and aroma. I love curling up with a cup of this flavorful tea and indulging myself with a good book and a warm fire. I don't care for fruity type teas and this black tea with a hint of rose is right up my alley. I especially enjoy it with just a dash of milk, the way my dad use to drink it!

5 Stars

lovely rose aroma

Westerly, RI

lovely rose aroma with subtle taste of rose and rich black tea. would recommend to anyone that enjoys an afternoon of luxury with a wonderful cuppa.

5 Stars

A cuppa love

Missoula, MT

This cut leaf tea is beautiful to look at (pretty pink rosebuds), heavenly to smell, and delicious to drink. We have really being enjoying our cups of love.

5 Stars

Oh sweet delight!

Denver, CO

Memory reminds us of roses in December. Come January, this tea does a fine job too. I purchased this tea while on vacation, and once in a while, pull it out (keeps wonderfully in the tin), and make up a generous cup. Lovely to watch the tea leaves unfurl in the infuser. This is what real tea is supposed to be like. Gently pinch the rosebuds for a little more flavor. A delight to the senses. Creamy, smooth tea with no tannic 'bite' at the end of the sip. Lovely hot or iced, or 'doctored' with cream and rock sugar. Share, but maybe only a little! And smile while you enjoy.

5 Stars

Aromatic and Pleasing

Pioneer, CA

I have not as yet tried this tea, but my wifge finds it very pleasing and will be sharing it with some of our Rose Society friends. Pat M.

5 Stars

One of My Top Two Favorites

Modesto, CA

My daughter bought this tea for me for an early Valentine's Day present and we tried it last night! Well, we both agree, this is one of your BEST! Again, you have created a TRULY a wonderful drinking experience! I have been drinking the Ginger Peach tea for over 20 years and enjoy having friends and coworker try it and convert to drink Republic of Tea exclusively! We all agree your teas taste as good as they smell! I can't wait to have them all taste this bouquet of Roses! I went back and purchased more today to give as Valentine's Day gifts! THANKS Republic of Tea for all your fabulous teas!

5 Stars


Love it, its so delicated to favor, you have made a wonderful tea for this season.

5 Stars

Summer in a cup

Rathdrum, ID

Oh this tea is a delight! The favor is complimented nicely with the roses - just dreamy.

4 Stars

Very Good!

San Francisco, CA

I thought it was really good! The rose is not overwhelming and delicious.

5 Stars

The perfect romantic tea!


The rose notes were perfectly balanced with the black tea -- not overpowering, but definitely present. I preferred a shorter brew time; the longer brew was a bit too vegetal for me, but three-and-one-half minutes gave me the perfect cuppa.

5 Stars

A Most Delicious Treat

San Leandro, CA

I have been drinking this tea for many years and I still wait eagerly for January so that I can buy a bulk bag and indulge myself. The rose flavor is perfectly balanced with the tea. Everyone who comes into my office at work comments on the bouquet. I am enjoying a cup as I write! If you've never tried it, please do; you won't be sorry.

5 Stars

Excellent Iced

Martinez, CA

This is my favorite tea. I had some last year that my son bought. I was very disappointed to find out it was seasonal when it was time to order more. So I have been waiting a long time to get it again! It makes great ice tea too!

5 Stars

The Best Rose Petal Tea!

campbell, CA

I wait for January each year to stock up on Rose Petal tea and hope it will last until it is available again. I love it hot - sometimes with a little milk - and I especially like it on ice during the summer months. I have tried many, many rose petal teas but always come back to my favorite.

5 Stars

We love this tea

Cambridge, MA

Lovely rose fragrance, perfectly balanced with good black tea. Beautiful to look at, good with milk and sugar. Not subtle or sophisticated, but absolutely charming.

Year of the Rose

Milwaukee, WI

I havn't tasted this one yeat. I have had other black tea Rose blends. And currently I am drinking Raspberry Rose Hibiscus tea. Well this is the National Herb Society Y of the Rose, so I am going to order this tea today. I'll write again after tasting it. I recommend all Citizens celebrate the Year of the Rose by trying this tea.

5 Stars

Wish it wasn't seasonal!!!!

Endless Mountains, PA

I've been adoring this tea for many many years! I often give it as gifts to friends who soon thereafter become buyers themselves. The quality of both the tea and the blossoms are beyond top notch, making this a very special tea. I stock up every January. Hey Republicans... If you're reading this; SELL THIS TEA YEAR ROUND. PLEASE!!!!!

5 Stars

the queen of hearts

, NJ

A delicately flavored rose tea. The taste is pure and delicious. It's my favorite tea!

5 Stars

Best Rose Petal Tea I've Tasted

Shreveport, LA

This rose petal tea is superior to any that I have tried in over 30 years of drinking tea. I order a large bag of the loose tea each January so I can enjoy its exquisite aroma and taste year-round. This is also a family favorite of three generations of rose petal tea drinkers!

5 Stars

The BEST rose petal tea I've had!

Ann Arbor, MI

I love all things that taste of rose. The sad thing is most rose flavored teas taste very artificial. Not this tea! And not only is the rose flavor extra nice, the tea itself is very good. Love it!

5 Stars

Really Tastes Like Roses! Addictive.

Beverly Hills, CA

If you like roses, this is your tea. Stock up.

5 Stars

Perfest Peace in a Cup

Fredericksburg, VA

A subtle, sensuous, delicious tea with floral notes and calming but substantial body - along with Jasmine Jazz, my favorite Republic of Tea product.

5 Stars

Rose Petal Tea is one of my favorite teas

Grafton, NH

I drink this as iced tea and is one of my favorites. I was disappointed that it wasn't available all year round. I will have to stock up for several months when available!

5 Stars

So delicious!

Denver, CO

This is one of my favorites. I wish it were available year-round.

5 Stars

2x's great, more please!

Redlands, CA

Love this tea and don't understand why you can only get it for the couple of months that you sell it. Roses are ready many more months than 3.
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