Steep Sacks for Full-Leaf Loose Tea and Herbs

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Individual filters made from unbleached paper for full-leaf tea. Makes brewing full-leaf tea and herbs as easy as using a traditional tea bag. Use in both cups and teapots.

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Product Dimensions
Width: 3 ¼"
Height: 7 ½"


Wood Cellulose

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  • 5 Star

Perfect solution for travel mugs

5 Stars Perfect solution for travel mugs

from NY on wrote:

I personally like my tea to steep a long time and often drink on the go in a travel mug. These steep sacks are the perfect solution to holding in the loose tea without the need to worry about a strainer or diffuser. Love them!

Love my nylon tea basket, BUT. . .

4 Stars Love my nylon tea basket, BUT. . .

from IA on wrote:

I wish it came with a tight cover so it can be used in a teapot or large container for iced tea. I really prefer cold brewing my ice tea. I have fashioned one, using nylon fabric and elastic cord, but ithe elastic doesn't hold up long using boiling water. I was anxious to try the floating infuser, but the reviews changed my mind. If it had finer mesh stainless steel and an easier to open lid, YES, I would want it! Until then I'll stick with "make your own" tea bags and the nylon basket!

Love This Item

5 Stars Love This Item

from VA on wrote:

These are so easy to use, I'm definitely drinking more loose leaf tea. Ordinary steepers let small leave through and are annoying to clean all the little leaves out of the holes. I like that the bags are long, so they are easy to use in teapots or as someone else suggested, easy to fold over and take to work.

So much easier than a tea ball!

5 Stars So much easier than a tea ball!

from VA on wrote:

I have some lovely loose teas, but didn't use them much as I am basically lazy and hate straining the tea as I pour it. Even tea balls often let the finer leaves slip through. This works beautifully and it's an easy clean up too. Just like a tea bag, it's easily tossed into the compost pile. As I said, I'm lazy and now there's no leaves to dig out of the pot.

Have Your Tea Anywhere

5 Stars Have Your Tea Anywhere

from CA on wrote:

Did you know you can make your own togo teabags? Just fold the flap over and iron shut and voila!