Caffeine-Free/Decaf Tea of the Month

Caffeine-Free/Decaf Tea of the Month

This assortment ships with a Dream by the Fire Red Dancing Leaves Mug.

Discover a new tea every month with this selection of herbal blends and decaffeinated teas. Six or twelve months of tea makes an unforgettable gift. The first shipment will be sent right away and comes in a gift box and includes our 10 oz Dream by the Fire Red Dancing Leaves Mug with a lid and a stainless steel infuser. New selections will be delivered monthly.

Caffeine-Free & Decaf Shipping Schedule:

Jan. - Coconut Cocoa Tea (36 Tea Bags)
Feb. - Chamomile Lemon Herb Tea (36 Tea Bags)
Mar. - Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea (36 Tea Bags)
Apr. - Ginger Peach Decaf Black Tea (50 Tea Bags)
May - Pomegranate Decaf Tea (50 Tea Bags)
June - Orange Ginger Mint Herbal Tea (36 Tea Bag)
July - Natural Hibiscus Tea(36 Tea Bags)
Aug. - Cardamon Cinnamon Herbal Tea (36 Tea bags)
Sept. - Organic Mint Fields Herb Tea (36 Tea Bags)
Oct. - get some zzz's - Herb Tea for Rest (36 Tea Bags)
Nov. - Dream by the Fire Red Tea (36 Tea Bags)
Dec. - Peppermint Chocolate Tea (36 Tea Bags)

*Assortment subject to change.
*Tea of the Month is not eligible for international shipments.

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