Wellness Tea of the Month

Wellness Tea of the Month

This assortment ships with a Dream by the Fire Red Dancing Leaves Mug.

Support a healthy, balanced life and discover a new tea every month with this selection of wellness teas. These blends are meticulously formulated for a variety of specific needs. Six or twelve months of tea makes an unforgettable gift. The first shipment will be sent right away and comes in a gift box and includes our 10 oz Dream by the Fire Red Dancing Leaves Mug with a lid and a stainless steel infuser. New selections will be delivered monthly.

Wellness Collection Shipping Schedule:

Jan. - get clean (36 Tea Bags)
Feb. - Get Limber (36 Tea Bags)
Mar. - get relaxed (36 Tea Bags)
Apr. - get charged (36 Tea Bags)
May - Get Burning (36 Tea Bags)
June - get happy (36 Tea Bags)
July - Get Hydrated (36 Tea Bags)
Aug. - Natural Hibiscus Tea (36 Tea Bags)
Sept. - get some zzz's (36 Tea Bags)
Oct. - get gorgeous (36 Tea Bags)
Nov. - Natural Green Rooibos Tea Bags (36 Tea Bags)
Dec. - get lost (36 Tea Bags)

*Assortment subject to change.
*Tea of the Month is not eligible for international shipments.

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