2014 First Flush Darjeeling Full-Leaf

2014 First Flush Darjeeling Full-Leaf

Plucking Date: March 23rd and 28th, 2014

Spring is cause for celebration for lovers of the leaf. The dormancy period is over and the Darjeeling hillsides are radiant with young, fragrant leaves. Rich in essential oils, these prized leaves yield a delicate flavor, unique to our Darjeeling 2014.

We are excited to bring this year's first spring leaves from Jungpana, a south facing estate near the famous town of Darjeeling in the Himalayas. This highly-regarded plantation, world-renowned for producing teas with delicate muscatel notes, lies at an altitude of 3000 feet. The exceptional quality of this tea is due to the fact that the bulk of the tea bushes come from China. We selected this tea on site and had it air freighted to ensure the freshest tea possible. Regarded as the ultimate tea experience, limited quantities are available.

Large silver tips and abundant verdant leaves steep a smooth amber cup with very little astringency and a floral hint on the top note.

Each year, our limited edition First Flush Darjeeling tea label features original artwork that captures the essence of this rare harvest. This year’s selection is from our first citizen social media art contest chosen from multiple entries. This artwork was created by Vancouver, British Columbia artist Karen Hollowell. It is the twelfth in a series from our Tea Gallery Collection.

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