Mason Jar Shaker

Mason Jar Shaker

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Inspired by Americana ingenuity, this sturdy Mason Jar Shaker will make it easy to steep, shake and sip all in one big jar.
• 32 oz
• Stainless steel top

Iced Tea Instructions for the Mason Jar Shaker
1. Place 4 tea bags of your favorite tea in the mason jar
2. Add 1 cup of boiling water (short of boiling for green and white teas)
3. Steep for 2-7 minutes according to tea type (1-3 minutes for white and green teas, 3-5 minute for oolong an black teas and 5-7 minutes for herb teas).
4. Remove tea bags with a long spoon.

*The lid is connected to the strainer. On occasion the lid can be “air locked” onto the strainer. We suggest using an object to push the lid out by going through the strainer or running under hot water to release the suction.

1. Add 1 cup of cold water to the tea.
2. Add sweetener and any other herbs and fruit you want (see below for a list of suggestions) and fill the rest of the mason jar with ice.
3. Screw lid with cover on securely
4. Shake for about half a minute.

1. Take cover off (but leave strainer lid on).
2. Serve in tall glasses over ice.
3. Enjoy Sip by Sip.

Shake in ideas:
Agave syrup, honey, simple syrup, maple syrup, caramel syrup, lemon, orange and/or lime slices, mint leaves, basil leaves, pineapple chunks, watermelon chunks , ginger slices, jalapeno slices, vanilla extract, cucumber slices, ripe berries, cranberry, orange or apple juice, lemonade, coconut or almond milk.

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