Sweet Hibiscus Concentrate

Sweet Hibiscus Concentrate

Made with tangy and sweet Nigerian hibiscus.

Simply add 1 fl. oz of this lightly sweetened all-natural concentrate to 7 fl. oz of water. Serve hot, steamed, iced and even blended.

*Refrigerate immediately after opening. Unopened shelf life: 1 year, Opened shelf life: 90 days. 64 servings.

*Due to the size of the Sweet Hibiscus Concentrate Jug, we recommend citizens purchase a reusable pump.

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Length: 4¾"
Width: 3½"
Height of Bottle: 9½"
Height of Bottle with Pump: 14¼"


Pure Water, evaporated cane juice, aronia juice concentrate, hibiscus, natural apple, hibiscus and blackberry flavors, natural tea extract and citric acid



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Answer to Cari's question

Atlanta, GA

The hibiscus tea, like all tea at Panera, is from The Republic of Tea, but it is not from concentrate. It is brewed tea, using large tea "bags" that make 3 gallons in a commercial tea brewer. By the way, all of the tea at Panera is dumped and brewed fresh every 8 hours.

5 Stars

Best Hibiscus Tea EVER!!

Phx, AZ

I was concerned we wouldn't use up the bottle before the 90 days (open shelf life). Well, I shouldn't have been worried cuz we opened it yesterday and today it's 1/2 gone! We make it as an iced tea, so easy and delicious!! I will be ordering more, thank you RoT!!!

5 Stars

Is this what they use at Panera?

Lakewood, CO

Because if it is, it's freakin' awesome! No extra sweetener is needed.
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