Tea for One

Tea for One

The ideal combination for our Citizens' enjoyment. This three piece set by Bodum includes one 12 oz double wall Pavina glass, deep fine mesh nylon infuser and lid that doubles as a drip cup. BPA-Free.

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Length: 3⅞"
Width: 3⅞"
Height: 5"


Borosilicate Glass

Care instructions

Dishwasher Safe

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

4 Stars

Nice all in one mugl! April 07, 2014


Madison, WI

Wanted a double wall tea mug with infuser and this does the trick. Have only used it once, but so far so good. Love the lid infuser holder. My only concern is not having a handle as the mug is a little slippery.

5 Stars

Wonderful Cup! October 29, 2012


Fairfax, VA

This cup is wonderful. I bought one to try it out, then came back and bought 3 more. They have held up well for a year of frequent use. I love the mesh basket, which also fits well in my teapot. The lid keeps the heat in while brewing, and holds basket so the leaves come out at the proper time, but I don't have to run back to the kitchen immediately to get rid of the wet leaves. I broke one dropping it on the tile floor, so I'm back for more!

5 Stars

Lasts and is Nice to Look At October 10, 2012

Cindy B

Dallas, TX

I was surprised at what some of the reviewers wrote. I have had my glasses a couple of years now, and they have held-up just fine! Yes, I am careful with them, but they get the same "abuse" as all my other glassware. They are cleaned (glasses, lids and infuser) in the top rack of the dishwasher. I think they feel comfortable to hold and I don't find them slippery in the least. Whenever guests drink from these, I always get compliments. The tea stays very warm for much longer (much longer!) than a regular teacup - especially when the lid is used. I'm writing this review because I came to this site to order two more! When I saw the negative reviews, I had to chime in.

5 Stars

Quick and Easy October 05, 2012


Houston, TX

Works like a charm. The quickest way to make a cuppa there is.

1 Star

Horrible Design May 14, 2012


Jacksonville Beach, FL

After reading the reviews, I decided to take a chance on this cup as it is pretty and the basket is far reaching. It is so slippery in your hand you feel as though you will drop it. The glass is not functionally in a sense it is so thin I thought I would shatter it when sitting it down.

3 Stars

Beautiful but fragile March 02, 2012


Valdosta, GA

Beautiful design. I love watching my tea blooming within the clear walls. Also, the insulated design prevents the cup from being too hot to handle. However, it is ever so fragile. Within 2 weeks of ownership, my mother accidently tapped it against another teacup and it shattered into pieces and even some fine powder. Completely our fault, mind you, but I find it give high praise to servingware made of glass so thin that even Christmas ornaments would be considered more durable by comparison.

Heavy daily use February 26, 2012


This is my workplace brewing system and is heavily used daily. I have ordered a spare in case my present one is damaged. Sure, the tea stains the basket but that's to be expected. I also like the way the glass feels in my hand.

4 Stars

Just what I've been looking for December 29, 2011



I have a Bodum double-walled glass mug, and love it. I've been looking for one that had a covered infuser so that my tea wouldn't cool quite so much as it was brewing, and I'd still have the benefit of the insulation. I expect the infuser will discolor over time, but so has every bit of coffee and teaware I have that I use to brew with. The glass does concern me a little bit, but I never stir anything into my tea, so I don't think there's any risk of the inner lining breaking when I'm using it.

1 Star

Inside Bottom Broke! Danger! December 21, 2011

Gene V

Oshkosh, WI

The cup worked well...until the inside wall bottom broke. I did not do anything to it to cause this. I discovered the bottom broke as I continued to stir my tea and drank... and nearly drank the broken glass! Beware, for this is a dangerous cup! Also the infuser screen discolored over time (within six months of use) and the screen seemed of poor quality.
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