Tea of Good Tidings Full-Leaf

Tea of Good Tidings Full-Leaf

Winter Fruit Blend - A full-leaf cornucopia of winter-harvested fruit and spices blended with fine black tea leaves. This product contains nuts.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Finest black tea leaves, juniper berries, natural flavors, orange peel, cranberries, cloves, rose petals, almonds, vanilla, black currants, blackberry leaves and cardamom seeds



Country of Origin

China/Sri Lanka Fruit/Spices: Worldwide

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

2 Stars

Bubble Gum??? December 15, 2014


Bristol, CT

This tea sounded so great based on the reviews and ingredient list. But I was so disappointed to brew my first cup and all I could taste was that artificial bubble gum taste. I can't place what ingredient is doing that!

5 Stars

Wonderful December 01, 2014


Kent, WA

This is a wonderful, warm tasting tea. Smells like a winter fruit. It tastes so good. The only thing I can say is that it is a wonderful blend of tea, fruit, and berries. Wonderful flavor. Great holiday tea.

5 Stars

Offer year round Please! November 28, 2014

Tracee S.

Reynoldsburg, OH

My favorite tea for the whole year for the last 10 years. Try to order enough to last all year I never succeed.

5 Stars

The Best Tea Ever - A 10 teapot rating November 16, 2014


Hayward, CA

I love tea and have quite a collection from various companies. Hands down, Tea of Good Tiding is the best. I wish I could give it a higher rating. I first bought it about 10 years ago and LOVED it. When I went to order more in January, it was all gone and I found out I'd have to wait until October to get more! It was awful. I started tea shopping, hoping to find a tea that was close in flavor to Tea of Good Tidings. No luck. Nothing came close. As soon as Tea of Good Tidings was available again, I placed my order. A big order. I didn't want to run out again! Every year since then I make sure to stock up as soon as it's available. I drink it year round. It's the best!!

5 Stars

This is outrageously delicious tea October 26, 2014


Bridgewater, NJ

I took a chance and bought this because the reviews suggested it was spicy and delicious. It exceeded my expectations. It's a great tea and it really needs to be available all year round.

5 Stars



Springfield, IL

To me this is the spice caravan in a cup - makes me think of ancient Persia & international trade routes on the Silk Road. Rich, deep black tea filled to brimming with magnificent fruits & spices - takes me away like a world travel. Saturated leisure in a cup - must taste to enjoy fully!!!

5 Stars

Even better fresh! January 13, 2014


Columbia City, IN

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon an old tin of this that had been a gift probably over 10 years ago! It still smelled good and the tea was delicious. Since there were only a couple of servings left, I found your website and ordered more. The new tin came a couple of days ago, and although the OLD tea was delicious, the fresh new tea was even better! Such a nice wintry flavor. I'm sure this one won't be around for 10 years - I'm actually thinking I should have bought TWO!

5 Stars

Who cares if it's below zero!! January 08, 2014


Shelby Township, MI

I hadn't had this tea in a couple years and had forgotten just how delicious and aromatic it is!! I look forward to a cup first thing in the morning during these winter months to perk me up even when the temps drop below zero! The fruity scent and flavor helps me think warm thoughts!

5 Stars

Love this tea January 04, 2014

Karen Robinette

Herndon, VA

I really love this tea. It makes a rich and satisfying cup. The only thing that I wish is that it came it bags as well as loose leaf. There are mornings where I would love to have a cup, but feel too rushed to get out my tea strainer. Also, I could just take a bag or two to work with me to make after I get there. Probably wouldn't taste quite the same though.

5 Stars

Tried and true January 01, 2014


Georgia, GA

This is a black tea that I have been drinking for the last three or four years. I was excited to be able to order the bulk bags online to last through the year. As another reviewer mentioned, I find that having a bag for a while actually enhances the flavor. Wonderful tea and not overpowering at all.

5 Stars

Wonderful flavor December 22, 2013


Fremont, IN

Delightfully flavored black tea - love the spice & fruit blend. I'll be bummed when my can runs out, and I have to wait for next year for more. Should be a year-round flavor.

5 Stars

BEST TEA EVER! December 20, 2013

Pam Specht

Kenosha, WI

I love this tea. It is my all time favorite tea and I try to keep enough on hand to have it for special occasions.

5 Stars

Tea of Good Tidings December 18, 2013


Tacoma, WA

By far the best holiday tea in my opinion. Winter often needs a strong tea flavor and this one delivers. I'm sad grocery stores NEVER seem to stock this particular one. Year after year they keep the same trio but omit Tea of Good Tidings from their shelves. The juniper is bold but not abrasive and seems to be cleansing in it's own way. The other spices and fruit bits are perfect, not overpowering. I wouldn't want to spend a holiday season without it.

5 Stars

Family Favorite December 12, 2013

Robyn Rupard

Highland Village, TX

My whole family looks forward to sharing this tea at Christmas. The fruit flavor is not overpowering to the taste of the tea.

5 Stars

Holiday Taste in Your Cup December 12, 2013


Baldwin, MD

Fruity and Spicy, just the right combination! Smells as amazing as it tastes!!!

5 Stars

My Favorite Christmas Tea December 10, 2013


Lubbock, TX

The fragrance and flavor yield feelings of comfort and warmth and peace. It's intended to be a Christmas tea but I like it all year. It has a soothing, fragrance of a collection of Christmas scents which render a wonderful flavor.

3 Stars

I wanted to love it December 10, 2013


Alameda, CA

The smell is amazing, but it wasn't as full bodied as I had hoped. My favorites are typically black ginger peach and blackberry sage, but to me this one is pretty watery for a black tea. I had to use 2x as much to get a strong, not bitter cup. I don't dislike it, but I am not in love. It'll be fun for Christmas and might even be good to add to spice cakes for culinary applications.

4 Stars

Wonderful flavors December 07, 2013


Portland, MI

I received this tea as an early Christmas gift from my son and his wife. I loved the smell and couldn't wait to taste it. It is a very comforting to sit and relax with a cup of this tea. I love it!

5 Stars

My year round favorite December 04, 2013

Elaine Corman

Oklahoma City, OK

I love this tea. It is my year round favorite. I always buy extra bags of bulk tea so that I will not run out before it becomes available again.

5 Stars

Spicy and delicious! December 03, 2013

Jill Moritz

Fruita, CO

I love this! It has great body and is wonderfully spicy.

5 Stars

wonderful flavors! November 21, 2013

Susan Montgomery

Knoxville, TN

I enjoyed this flavor combination so much that I ordered the bulk bag. It is a great holiday treat!

5 Stars

Very tasty! November 12, 2013


Aliso Viejo, CA

When I first got this tea, I wasn't sure I'd like it because the smell of cloves is SO overpowering, and those types of flavors seem to dominate any blend. I was very pleasantly surprised at my first sip - the other flavors come through just as well! This is definitely a holiday keeper!

5 Stars

Delicious Tea of Good Tidings November 12, 2013


Greensboro, NC

I can't remember how I ever made it through winter without my favorite hot beverage!

1 Star

Maybe I Got a Bad Batch October 19, 2013


Tulsa, OK

I hate to be the only bad reviewer, but I can't taste this tea! I bought the full leaf version. I've tried different amounts of tea leaves, I've tried different steeping times and temperatures, I've tried it with and without milk and sweetener. Honestly, I get a lot more flavor out of store bought tea bags. Disappointed.

5 Stars

Majestic Tea September 11, 2013

Sophie Richards

Lake Oswego, OR

Wait what. This tea is probably the best thing i've ever had. I found it at Crate and Barrel and was planning on giving it to my mom but never did. Thank god. It's amazing. It sort of tastes like hookah? but drinkable? It's crazy. Get it

5 Stars

Excellent and Finely Balanced Spiced Tea January 25, 2013

Lauren Medders

Melbourne, FL

Definitely a spiced tea, but as the heading states it is excellently balanced. The scent fills the kitchen when I prepare it and it is a joy to sit and hold it close, enjoying the aroma almost as much as the actual tea itself! This is one I will buy again!

5 Stars

buy a pound and drink all year January 15, 2013


Melrose, MA

This has been my all-time favorite tea for about five years. It has clove and citrus flavors without being overpoweringly sweet. I've found, however, that this tea tastes even better as it ages. The just-released tea's aroma is a bit too floral for my liking, but over time this fades away and the overall flavor of the tea deepens. So I bought an extra pound several years ago and kept one in the cupboard until the next year's batch came out, and now I buy a fresh pound every winter to lay away and drink the aged tea. (This is admittedly taking the tea past the expiration date, but I have never had a problem!) This tea is absolutely worth the effort!

5 Stars

Great for multiple infusions January 06, 2013


Odessa, FL

I love this tea. It has been my favorite way to start the day for some time now. It's hard to get that holiday feeling in Florida, but this deliciously fragrant tea does the trick.

Best Winter Tea December 22, 2012


Monee, IL

This is the best tea ever!! I buy this every winter in the bulk bags. I drink it every night. It has a wonderful full flavor.

Awesome! December 20, 2012


Sweetwater, TN

This tea is awesome! It is so comforting and great tasting. I can enjoy this any time of day. One of the best!

5 Stars

Never tire of the taste December 20, 2012

Dorothy Osborne

Maryville, TN

I was first introduced to Tea of Good Tidings during the holidays of 2005. I drink this wonderful blend every morning during cool weather. I have never tired of the taste over the past seven years. It is one of my favorites.

5 Stars

Merry! Merry! December 17, 2012


Tampa, FL

This tea will definitely be part of my holiday refreshments. Spicy but not overpowering and the cardamon gives it the perfect 'seasoning.'

5 Stars

Perfect combo! December 17, 2012


St. Augustine, FL

This is a wonderful blend that tastes great.

5 Stars

So delightfully different December 15, 2012


Watsontown, PA

This tea is delightful, and such a pleasure sipping it, not just at holidays, but good anytime. One of my favorites.

5 Stars

Good Tidings Indeed! December 13, 2012

Connie Price

Lawrence, KS

I always buy a tin, plus a pound in bulk, and sometimes two pounds. It is THE BEST of all the wintry fruit teas I have ever tasted. In fact, I don't like most of those at all, except for Rep's other Xmas teas, which are to the elves as TOGT is to Santa Claus. This beverage has become part of Christmas for me, by now. One year I ordered too late and I had to cope; really missed it! Recently it came available at our co-op health food store, so I "sneaked" a second tin for this season! It is refreshing, yet full flavored and full bodied, enough so that I find the egg nog and hot cocoa and other "fat" drinks less tempting. And it is not expensive. THANK YOU, Republic! Happy and Merry!

5 Stars

My All Time Favorite! December 12, 2012

Teri M

Amsterdam, NY

This is the best tea I have ever had-I found it in a health food store 10 yrs ago and have been searching for it ever since. Facebook reaquainted us and I can finally enjoy this wonderful cup of Christmas again!

5 Stars

Look forward to this tea every Christmas December 11, 2012


Austin, TX

This tea says Christmas to me. I have been buying it for several years in both the loose leaf and tea bag forms. Most enjoyable!

5 Stars

December 10, 2012

Esther Mathis

Chapin, SC

Very delicious and hits the spot. It does have a Christmas taste, if Christmas had a taste. The comfort and joy tea is just as delicious and great flavor. thank you so much for your terrific products. I have tried some of the other teas that were recommended along with Good Tidings.

5 Stars

Really Good Stuff! December 09, 2012

David Monaghan

Glendale, AZ

I have shared this with my wife and friends and they all love the tea! I am always excited to be able to buy this blend around the holidays since I don't like fruity tasting teas. This is a perfect blend of berries, and black tea. I wish I could buy it year round.

5 Stars

Not Christmas Until We Brew ToGT December 04, 2012


Roanoke, VA

We love this tea! Steep for 4 minutes and it's perfect. For tightwads, steep in a filter cup or ball, pull out and rebrew another pot (steep 5 min.). This is what we serve throughout the holidays and our company always sighs with pleasure. (It's also grand on a snow day with a fire on the grate and a Jane Austen novel!)

5 Stars

Fantastic Tea! December 03, 2012

, CA

Several years ago, I bought this tea by "accident" and I have loved it ever since. As with most teas, it's a bit bitter if over steeped. 3-5 mins is perfect! This is bold tea, with a wonderfully robust overtones. I love this tea so much, it's be become a holiday tradition.

5 Stars

Good tidings indeed! November 20, 2012


Wadsworth, OH

I received my first small container 1 year ago as a gift. It was so good I looked for more. Unable to get more at that time I decided that when it would be available next I would treat myself to a 1 pound bag. This tastes too good not to have all year long. I'm not a strong tea drinker so I don't steep it long, I also drink about 8 cups of tea a day and mix in other flavors throughout the course of the day. This is wonderful. It is fairly priced and arrived very quickly after I had placed my order. I'm very happy with this and will be back for more!

5 Stars

My all time favorite November 15, 2012

Margaret Morford

Brentwood, TN

I order 6 pounds of this to make it through the year. I wish this one was available year round. It is strong without being bitter. Great substance to it.

5 Stars

a delicious, celebratory tea October 27, 2012


, CA

This tea is just delightful -- it's fruity and spicy, but in a subtle, delicate way. It's light and happy tasting, if you know what I mean. :-)

5 Stars

Excellent Tea October 19, 2012


Grand Blanc, MI

Excellent Tea! This is the second year we have bought a pound and will purchase another very soon. We learned last year that two pounds is necessary to make it through the year.

5 Stars

I love this tea! October 12, 2012

Jen Mulso

Independence, MO

This is my favorite tea of all time. Since it is only available for a short time, I buy a huge bag and savor it all year long.

5 Stars

Good tidings to all! October 11, 2012

Kathy Monds

Port Angeles, WA

For several years now, I anxiously await October 1 and the opportunity to purchase a pound of Tea of Good Tidings. I share it with several of the ladies at work, and we are all hooked! The aroma and the taste bring good tidings every morning. Thank you!

5 Stars

Tea of Good Tidings October 11, 2012


Antioch, CA

This tea is one of the best holiday blends that I have had. I get reminded of a lot of Cranberries and orange combinations as I drink it.

5 Stars

Wonderful Holiday Tea January 19, 2012


Sacramento, CA

Just poured my first cup and it is marvelous -- everything a winter tea should be! From the first scent upon opening the tin, I knew this tea... I knew it from years ago (now over 15 years ago) when I lived in Germany. This is remarkably like my favourite Christmas tea, which could be found in almost every tea shop in any town in Germany... and they do like their winter tea blends! I've been looking for this, hoping for this, tea ever since. It is perfect by the fire, with good company. Now if only it would snow!

5 Stars

December 10, 2011


An excellent tea that I'm very glad I purchased. The aroma when you open the tin is amazing, and the taste doesn't let down either. It's a perfect balance between the tea and hints of each little flavor present. Make sure to take in a deep breath of the steam right before each sip to get the most enjoyment.

5 Stars

Christmas in a Cup November 13, 2011

Dr. Patrick Fodor

Quincy, IL

This is THE tea to which I look forward every Christmas. It is the perfect blend of tea and all the other flavors which bring to mind Christmas seasons of long ago, gathered around the fire with the snow blowing outside. A bit of magic in your cup.

5 Stars

Tea of Great Taste! October 04, 2011

, MD

Wonderfully flavorful and distinct tea. My all-time favorite! Sadly, it is only available in October or November (it sells out quickly!) I have to remember to order 2 or 3 pounds to last me the entire year. I missed one year and had to ration it - never again!

5 Stars

This is my favorite tea October 04, 2011


This is my favorite tea, hands down. Full-bodied, sweet and spicy, both complex and balanced. I just wish it was fair trade/organic, and offered year-round!
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