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Teapots and Tea Sets

Set the right tone at teatime with these elegant tea pots and tea sets. Whether you’re brewing for one or many, tea deserves special treatment. From our cute and whimsical Dragonfly Teapot to our sophisticated-adult Greenbush Teapot, our sets are well-made, unique and affordable. Go modern with our glass Bistro Nouveau Teapot or explore the antique and vintage charms of our Chinese and Japanese offerings.

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How to Prepare Tea in a Teapot

To prepare a pot of hot tea in your teapot, first add cold, fresh water to a tea kettle and bring that water to a boil (note: if you’re preparing green or white tea, stop the heating process just short of boiling to prevent “cooking” these delicate tea types). During this time you may wish to add some steaming water to your teapot for a short period of time to warm it. Swirl the hot water around, then pour it out once the teapot feels adequately warmed.   Plan to add roughly one teaspoon of full leaf loose tea or one tea bag per six ounce cup. If your teapot contains an infusing basket, place the loose leaf tea in the basket. If it does not, you may need to use an infuser ball during steeping, or a tea leaf strainer when pouring.   Once the water in the kettle is boiling, pour the water over the tea in the teapot. Allow the tea to steep for the recommended period of time, then serve. You may need to experiment to find your preferred steeping times and methods.