The People's Green Tea Bags

The People's Green Tea Bags
The People's Green Tea Bags

This beautifully hued, delicate tea is celebrated for its refreshing, smooth flavor and incredible health benefits. The true essence of this tea will energize harmony and spirit. Formerly Higher Mind Tea.

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Green tea contains less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping green tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 1-3 minutes (if using a tea bag) or 2-4 minutes (if using full-leaf tea.)


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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

I LOVE this tea


This tea is fantastic! I've been drinking it for two years now and can't go a day without it.I leave the bag in and just refill with boiling water several times to get the most out of each bag!It is one of the better quality green tea's I have tried. It is slightly pricey compared to regular supermarket green tea brands, but I like to think this ones kind of fancy and special. For a green tea addict like myself, it's worth the extra few dollars!

5 Stars

The Best!

Fredericksburg, VA

This tea is wonderful!!! I hadn't had a cup of tea for several years due to developing a sulfite allergy but have now found this wonderful tea with no additives and non-bleached bags. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! I will share this information with my sulfite allergy group!!!

5 Stars

Love, Love This Tea!

Delaware, OH

I have heard for years about the health benefits of drinking green tea on a regular basis, and had drank it periodically. But when my doctor told me to check out The Republic of Tea website, and I tried The People's Green Tea, I was smitten! Now I drink it every day, and am totally hooked! It gives me a boost of energy and is something I look forward to taking the time to sip and savor it's delicious, delicate flavor. I highly recommend this tea!

5 Stars


madison, OH

Delicate and light.....delightful and enjoyed the smooth flavor;)

5 Stars


SanAntonio, TX

This green tea gives me energy throughout the day and helps with my depression and does not keep me awake at night.

5 Stars

Best tasting and fair trade organic

Irrigon, OR

Not only is this tea fair trade and organic, with no silly strings and staples, but it is enclosed in a non bleached bag. The samples they send with my order were fabulous, so I will buy those next, but the green tea has been a perfect treasure in every single cup! I will be a repeat customer for this green tea and to try the rest! I am hooked! :)

5 Stars

So Refreshing

Springfield, OH

I crave this green tea all the time. The flavor is so light and refreshing. Gives me a burst of natural energy.

5 Stars

Daily Green Tea

Annandale, VA

I have been enjoying this tea for a number of years and just love it!!!! I use it to make ice tea and now my daughter is addicted : )

5 Stars

husbands favorite green tea

wyandotte, MI

my husband is very particular about green tea. we've tried many types and people's green tea is the ONLY tea he finds authentic and true.

5 Stars

Soccer Grams

Greensburg, IN

I love the smooth, rich flavor of the People's Green Tea, and find it relaxing. If I have an upset stomach, this Green Tea never fails to soothe it within minutes.

5 Stars

All day long

Kannapolis, NC

This is awesome to drink any time of day. I love to drink it at work.

5 Stars

Best green tea ever!!!!!

Annandale, VA

Gosh, I have been drinking this green tea for SO long now; I make iced tea and ALWAYS have a pitcher in the refrigerator : ) I introduced my daughter to this tea a couple of years ago and she is now "hooked" : )

5 Stars

Healthy and Relaxing

Silver Spring, MD

Mostly I brew this wonderful tea with fresh ginger and honey as a way to help keep my blood thinner. For a wonderful afternoon break, a mug full of this green tea makes me relax and gather new energy.

5 Stars

My Staple

Arcola, TX

This is my tried and true staple tea. I can't live without it. Always smooth and never bitter. This is an every meal tea!

5 Stars


Hampton, VA

This tea is excellent! Nice, rich taste.

5 Stars


Portland, OR

A tasty green tea with full bodied flavor.

1 Star

Tastes like Hay

Hedgesville, WV

I tried everything. I prewarmed the pot. Republic of Tea told me use water that is 180 degrees. I did. Used a ceramic tea kettle to brew it in because we drink about 8 cups in morning, china not big enough. Use china when we need about 4 cups. An aluminum tea kettle to heat the water, when reaches 180 degrees I pour into ceramic or china teapot. No matter what I do it still tastes like hay, more or less. Maybe I just don't like this particular tea.

5 Stars

Received it as a gift! Loved it!!!

Olathe, KS

When my gift ran out, I had to order more. It is very light, no aftertaste. Best green tea I've ever tasted.

3 Stars

A bit salty

, SD

This is a quality green tea--doesn't taste grassy, but it is salty tasting. It kind of reminds me of eating Nori.

5 Stars

Battle Creek, MI

I love this tea. I've recommended it to several friends also telling them about The Repulic of Tea.

5 Stars

feel very fresh and pure

, MS

feel very fresh and pure. Good quality tea I bought in USA

5 Stars

Antioxidant Knock-Out

Torrance, CA

Anti-inflammatory, Antitoxidant. Wonderful tasty green tea. Great for an everyday iced-tea plunge! Love it!

5 Stars

Soothing, comforting, & refreshing

Greensburg, IN

People's Green Tea is my favorite tea to have on a Sunday morning, after breakfast, as I prepare to go to Worship. I sip it while reading my Bible to prepare my mind for the day. It is so comforting, soothing, and refreshing, the perfect refreshment before Worship.

5 Stars

, VT

I love this tea. It is indeed delicate and great as a breakfast tea for those of us who need something lighter.

5 Stars

Love this tea!

Plymouth, MI

I make no claims to be an 'expert' tea person. I like tea, I drink it every day and I know what I like and don't like and I'm willing to try new kinds. Having said that, i always come back to this specific tea. It's a good, all around green tea. Not fruity, not spicy, it's just a good green tea. I drink it every morning and my local coffee shop has probably 10 green teas to pick from but I always tell them to use the People's Republic Green tea. Maybe I'm boring, but sometimes, I don't want it to taste like anything else except a good, earthy, tea.

5 Stars

, FL

A refreshing green tea that tastes great both hot and iced.

5 Stars


Blue Point, NY

Delcious, soothing and I am content when I drink this superb tea!!!

5 Stars

Old Standard

Arcola, TX

No matter how I may stray from this tea, this is the one I always come back to. Always smooth, mild and goes with anything you are eating, from a cookie to dinner. God bless The Republic of Tea!

5 Stars

The only tea I drink

Madison, WI

I am hardly a tea expert but I love this tea. It is such a light and subtle flavor, I've never found another that is quite the same.

5 Stars

Best Green Tea

Pioneer, CA

This has been an all time best with my wife and I for almost 10 years. We first found it at a small kitchen store in Murphies, CA. Thank you Republic of Tea Pat M.

5 Stars

My favorite everyday green tea!

Rice, WA

This has been my favorite everyday green tea for almost a decade. And now I have found it in a large heavy-duty resealable 250 count refill bag! Wahoo, no more angst about what to do with the empty tins...

5 Stars



5 Stars

Great every day tea!

Ridgefield,, CT

A great every day tea. Excellent health benefits, smooth taste and great with the lemon honey!

5 Stars

Healthy Regimen

Hedgesville, WV

Under doctor's suggestion, I consume green tea to help keep my blood thin--no chemicals for me. With People's Green, I blend fresh ginger and honey for a delightful "prescription". I make a batch every other day, store it in the frig. It's great iced or reheated. All medication should taste so wonderful.

5 Stars


Baltimore, MD

Flavorful for green tea and soothing. Gives you a sense of peace.

5 Stars

this tea is amazing!!


This is the best store-bought green tea I've had. It has a prominent subtle flavor that's very smooth and not bitter.
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