The People's Mug® with Infuser

The People's Mug® with Infuser
The People's Mug® with Infuser

White porcelain tea mug with The Republic of Tea logo. Includes stainless brew basket and lid. Packaged in a kraft gift box. Holds 9 ounces.

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Product Dimensions
Width: 3"
Length: 4¼"
Height: 3¾"



Care instructions

Dishwasher safe

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  • 3 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Perfect Tea Mug

Cape Coral, FL

This is just the sweetest mug. I love the dainty handle and the thin rim. It's a great proper tea mug. Love that it comes with a lid and a strainer.

3 Stars

Awkward Handle - not like the picture

King of Prussia, PA

I was so excited to get this tea mug with infuser. I have no issues with the infuser, but the mug itself is not of the quality I expected. The walls are thin and the handle is very awkward. The handle is not like the picture, but is a reverse "c" shaped handle which makes it difficult to hold while very hot. I do like the lid, but I would not purchase as a gift or for myself again.

4 Stars

New to hot tea

Shacklefords, VA

I'm new to drinkinig hot tea. I'm a long time coffee lover and wanted to try something new. I have learned a lot from Republic of Tea. Over the websites I have look over they have a great selection and have educated me on the "art" of tea. I like my new cup and plan to enjoy many many types of tea in it.

2 Stars

Not comfortable

Valdosta, GA

I like the simplicity of design, but aesthetics are the only high note. The handle is awkward and difficult to grip without placing a good part of your fingers directly against the mug itself. Which brings me to my next disatisfaction...the walls of this mug are thinner than I would like, which coupled with the awkward handle, has me pretty much unable to drink until it has cooled down as the sides conduct way too much heat.

4 Stars

Orlando, FL

Nice, clean cup with great brew basket w/lid. Great gift idea for the tea lover.

2 Stars

Handle very small

West Hills, CA

I have to say I was disappointed with this mug. The handle is small and narrow, difficult to get a good grip on. And I have no issues with manual dexterity -- definitely do not recommend this for anyone who has dexterity issues. The brew basket is very useful, nice and big -- I just use it in a different mug.
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