Vanilla Almond Black Tea Bags

Vanilla Almond Black Tea Bags
Vanilla Almond Black Tea Bags

Sweeten The Mind Tea - The smoothness of Madagascar vanilla beans takes over the first sip of this tea, sweetening the cup. Nutty almond follows, which sends it soaring to the realm of dessert. Try a strong brew with steamed milk for a tea latte.

*This product contains nuts.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Fine black tea, natural vanilla and almond flavors, vanilla beans and almond bits



Country of Origin

India, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Wonderful !!!

Mission, TX

I love this tea. I have tried it cold, hot, with milk, and honey and it was great. I wish it was sold as a loose tea. Love this and will order more.

2 Stars


Warrensburg, MO

It tastes just as bad as it smells. Put in a ton of sugar and it's drinkable, but I hate it. Worst tea I've ever had.

5 Stars

Vanilla Almond is Amazing!

Vernon Hills, IL

The vanilla almond is my favorite tea. I preferred caffeinated black teas but drink all types and flavors many times a day. This variety has such a great aroma and flavor. I highly recommend.

5 Stars

Buy now!

Jacksonville, IL

With one cup, this quickly became my new favorite black tea blend. The smell is captivating and the taste is velvety and smooth. The harmonious blend of vanilla and almond flavors is perfectly balanced. No need for milk/cream and sweetener. Good move, Republic!

5 Stars


Oceanside, CA

Wonderful and flavorful tea. The combination is very well executed! This is my evening tea w/a splash of evaporated milk & German rock sugar! I'm so happy I found this tea, I use to drink almond tea as a child so it brings pack warm sweet memories. The other brand I use to drink was discontinued so I had a hard time finding a new almond tea. I'm super glad I stumbled across this one here, it's even better than my old one. Both of my parents seem to agree as well. I will definitely keep this in stock at home. Buy it you won't be sorry!

5 Stars

The instigator of my tea obsession

Helena, MT

I just recently found a liking for tea, and an employee for a local organic food store suggested this to me and the moment I opened it when I got home, it was instant love. I adore the vanilla and almond hints - which is a mix I'd never considered before. It has a great taste and has since replaced my morning coffee. This tea was truly the beginning of my obsession. It set off my tea craze, and I couldn't be more happy about it!

4 Stars

My new fav!

Denver, CO

Delicious. I only wish the bags contained a bit more, as I use 2 bags in 6 ounces to achieve the results I desire. Otherwise, a delectable blend!

5 Stars

Favorite Tea Ever!

Westfield, MA

This tea is my FAVORITE! I even take it on vacation's with me.

5 Stars

My go-to cup of morning tea

San Francisco, CA

On mornings I don't drink coffee, this tea is my go to. It doesn't need milk or sugar, and can be brewed double strength without becoming bitter. I'm also a big fan of all things with almond.

5 Stars

Best stress reliever

Bandera, TX

This is our favorite tea in late afternoon to de-stress from work. The scent of the vanilla and almond works its magic to sooth the cluttered brain. Love it.

5 Stars

My favorite tea

Tyngsboro, MA

There are many tea flavors I have tried over the years but Vanilla Almond was my first and it remains my favorite flavor. I make my second cup of tea as I am heading out the door for work and I throw the tea bag in and I don't worry about removing it and the tea doesn't get bitter. I also love the smell and it's a bit of a lift for the start of my busy day.

5 Stars

Wonderful tea

Alto, MI

I love this black tea. The sweetness of the almond and vanilla means I don't have to add any sugar. It's great any time, but I usually have this as my first cup of tea in the morning. It's great with a little almond milk added, too!

5 Stars


Randolph, NJ

really my favorite - I do add a sweetner, and I really like this tea - had been buying bulk tea - but much prefer the tea bag - you really know how long to brew it - and results are consistent

5 Stars


Des Moines, IA

OMG! I have found my favorite tea flavor...hands down the best ever.

5 Stars

Best drink in a cup/mug!

Stayton, OR

This is easily my favorite tea flavors of all time. The taste is exactly what the name and aroma portend. The combination of vanilla and almond would lead one to think dessert but this combination is a great awakening of the taste buds and gets me ready for the day. During the day, I find myself taking moments to destress by holding a warm mug of this tea and breathing the aroma, followed by a satisfying drink. This is the flavor I recommend to those new to Republic and looking for a great black tea.

5 Stars

All the Good of Marzipan

Highland Park, NJ

Republic of Tea's Vanilla Almond Black Tea is like drinkable marzipan that won't kill me (with sugar). This is a new favorite up there with Blackberry Sage and Raspberry Quince.

5 Stars

One of My Favorites!

Hutchinson, KS

I just purchased my third batch of this tea; my family and I really love it! It's really good with a little bit of milk in it and has a natural sweetness on its own without needing to add sugar. If you like vanilla, then you'll love this tea!

5 Stars

Soaring spirits

Warrensburg, MO

The fragrance that greets one as you bring the tea cup up for the first sip sends ones spirits soaring. I cannot imagine a Monday morning without it.

5 Stars

Just what I wanted.

Tehachapi, CA

Another company used to have almond vanilla tea and stopped making it. I was hugely disappointed. Then my husband found it at Republic of Tea. This is even better. Thank you

5 Stars

My Favorite Tea

Troy, MI

I am a huge tea drinker/lover, but without a doubt this is my favorite tea. The vanilla and almond flavors provide a great taste combination, offering almost a warm/cozy feel with every sip. One try and my sister is now hooked as well. I enjoy mine with a dash of honey. She prefers a little sugar. This is the ideal weekend morning cup!

5 Stars

Great flavor

Goff, WV

It how a bag of this in my thermos with hot water every morning and head to work. I sip at it all day and can add more water as needed. It never gets bitter or weak. This is the best almond tea I have found!

5 Stars

Best Flavor and Aroma

Tacoma, WA

Very smooth flavor, the best I have found! The aroma is just the icing on the cake!

5 Stars

Love this tea

Moorpark, CA

Wonderful vanilla flavor I like this tea in the evening as a dessert. Very nice balance of vanilla/almond flavor. This is my favorite of all the republic teas. Highly recommend this tea.

5 Stars

It soothes my nerves, I'm a H.S. Teacher.

Hardeeville, SC

I like it just the way it is. I usually use 2 bags for each cup.

5 Stars

Still my favorite !

Babylon, NY

After trying " many, many " other flavored teas from your wonderful selection, vanilla almond is still #1 for me.

5 Stars


Tampa, FL

I tried this tea with a teaspoon of honey. It was exquisite! Made my afternoon!

5 Stars

delicious tea

Edison, NJ

This is one of my favorites from ROT. I usually get the decaf version because I like to drink it at night. It's good if you are craving something sweet.

5 Stars

Love It!!

Pittsburgh, PA

I can't get enough of this perfectly balanced blend. I'm so glad I can buy it direct since I can't seem to find it anymore at my local grocery store.

2 Stars

Schell City, MO

The almond is too strong for me, and kind of fake-tasting. I would like more vanilla and a subtle hint of almond.

Delicious, Delectable a Morning Delight

Little Elm, TX

The strong black tea is delicious on it's own add the delectable vanilla plus the flavor of almond you have a morning delight. This morning beverage also makes daytime ice tea definitely sunny.

5 Stars

My Favorite Tea!

Mohnton, PA

I drink this tea almost every morning. It has a beautiful vanilla aroma. Great with or without a splash of milk. You can also leave the tea bag in all morning without the tea getting bitter.

5 Stars

My favorite!

Sahuarita, AZ

Love, love, love this tea! I drink it whenever I am craving something sweet and it is just as satisfying as dessert, without all the calories! It is delicious with a splash of milk.

5 Stars


Hooks, TX

We bought this tea from a shop in Hot springs Arkansas a couple of years ago and I savored every bag! It is sooo delicious! My favorite! My husband recently went back and of course I told him to pick me some up and sadly they were sold out soooo I will definetly be ordering from here from now on because I can not go any longer without this tea!!! For Real!!

5 Stars

Exceeded my expectations

Lebanon, OR

Truthfully I don't like black tea so much and it was not until I brought the tea home and opened it that I realized it was black tea. I purchased it because I like both vanilla and almond flavors so I thought lets give this a try. I must admit this was my greatest purchase blunder ever! I am in love with the flavors of this tea. Being that I'm not a black tea drinker I followed the suggestion on the contained and I added warm milk. I also added ground cinnamon and some no calorie sweetener, whisked it and poured into my cup of tea. This almost tasted like an almond biscotti, it's absolutely delicious!

5 Stars

Glencoe, AL

I tried this flavor on a whim because of its name. I really like it. I taste the vanilla right away and end with the almond. I put sugar and milk into it. I did try it unsweetened but,living in the south, I had to put sugar in it. It tasted good unsweetened but I raised with SWEET tea. Once I put sugar in it, I drank it in a couple of minutes. I will definitely get this again and recommend to my friends.

5 Stars

Surpassed my Expectations!

Burlington, VT

I bought this solely based on reviews. The other vanilla tea I've tried from Republic of Tea was very bitter without adding a sweetener or milk. However, this has quickly become my new favorite to drink at all times of the day. It starts off with a bit of mild sweetness from the vanilla and finishes off with the warm nuttiness of the almond. Perfect with a splash of milk, no sugar necessary. It is quite difficult for me to drink just one cup of this! I love it!

5 Stars

Start of each day

, WA

I have been a huge fan of Vanilla Almond for years but usually only have non-decaf in the morning due to a caffeine sensitivity. It is my favorite tea and I always look forward to that first sip every morning. Bliss!

5 Stars


Flanders, NJ

This is one of my favorite teas to drink! The taste is amazingly perfect just the way it is. The aroma when it is brewing is lovely. Just sit, sip and enjoy. Perfect for me!

5 Stars

Awesome Flavor!

Churubusco, IN

I tried this tea to help curb sweet cravings and it works! It's my go-to tea. It tastes sinful and smells heavenly! The almond flavor really comes through. I don't take my tea with either cream or sugar anyway, but this tea is excellent just the way it is, even for folks who normally take sugar & cream. :-)

5 Stars


Tustinq, CA

Let me just say that I am NOT a tea drinker. Never have been...until NOW! Thank you, Republic of Tea, for creating such a scrumptious tea that makes my mouth water for a calming, almond tea latte as I wind down from a long day. Well done! I tip my glass to you, Minister of Tea!

5 Stars

Love this stuff!

Pensacola, FL

I'm not sure where I got this tea - it showed up in my pantry (a visiting daughter?). Since I am a long-time tea drinker, I decided to try it. Beware. It's addictive. Even though it's not a decaf, it's very relaxing at bedtime. And it's like sipping an orchid. Just lovely.

5 Stars

The best tea ever

Louisville, KY

This tea is so delicious. It makes getting up in the dark bearable. My order arrived quickly and in perfect shape. I'm ready for winter (almost)

5 Stars

Yumminess anytime!

Oak Grove, MN

A wonderful tea for any time of day or night. I add a little agave, though its just as delicious without, and do homework all day. Keeps me warm & tastes delicious!

5 Stars

my fave!

Tucson, AZ

I've tried a lot of teas from a lot of places but this is THE ONE I can't live without!

5 Stars

Very delicious, indeed!

Gainesville, GA

If you keep sitting there, thinking of how good this tea sounds, then get off the duff and just buy it. My entire family is enjoying this tea, brewed hot, with cream and pure cane sugar mixed in. WOW! Bought a cannister, but its now gone, devoured by the family as of tonight. Am online to now purchase 250 tea bag pkg now. No doubt, its absolutely delicious!

5 Stars

Great Afternoon Tea

Chapel Hill, NC

A great tea for that afternoon slow down period. The vanilla is not overwhelming but one can smell it. The quality is always good and consistent order to order. Easy to drink black as no tannic flavor.

5 Stars

Ivanhoe, CA

This was my beginning favorite for years. I love the vanilla and almond combination! I often steep it together with Earl Greyer for a new taste twist :)

5 Stars

Wakes me up every morning

Rocklin, CA

The combination of vanilla and almond is hard to beat. I have a huge cuppa every morning and enjoy every minute of it. The amazing aroma makes this a special cup of tea... and it tastes as good as it smells! Yum!!

5 Stars

suttle almond taste

Yakima, WA

This is my second tin I Sip it most evenings.

5 Stars

Sweet and Mellow

House Springs, MO

Perfect for Vanilla fans like me!!!

5 Stars

always reliable

Palos, IL

Always tastes good - perfect for my first cup of tea in the morning.

Makes the best Iced Tea ever!

Princeton, NJ

Can never get enough of this tea! It is great to have on a winter morning or a summer evening. It makes the best iced tea and I drink it all day during the summer- so good it doesn't need any sugar and much healhier than any diet drink. People who have had it at my house are suprised to have tea that doesn't need sugar!

5 Stars

The most delicious tea...

Stamford, CT

What an absolute delight! Sweeten it to your taste and add a little milk or cream, and you'll be in heaven. I love to come home to it after a long day. I have never been disappointed by anything I've purchased from the Republic, but this one is a real stand-out. Highly recommended!

5 Stars

My Favorite Black Tea!

Anchorage, AK

A co-worker gave me some to try several years ago and I've been hooked ever since. It's great for the cold mornings especially with cream and a few drops of vanilla stevia. It has a very nice, smooth, rich flavor.

5 Stars

Comfort in a cup


This Vanilla Almond tea is a winner. It's rich enough to satisfy a sweet tooth without all those calories.

5 Stars

Best Black Tea

Elizabethtown, KY

I have been drinking Vanilla Almond for about 14 years. The first time I tried it was hooked. The tea has the robustness typical of a black tea with very pleasant sweet almond undertones, which makes it very smooth. I LOVE the vanilla almond.

5 Stars

Cup of Comfort

Moreno Valley, CA

My absolute favorite tea. No morning is complete without it. It has a wonderful cherry almond vanilla flavor that is divine with cream and sugar. I take it with me whenever I travel because nothing else even compares! I only wish they made a travel tin for this one.

5 Stars

Good with Oatmeal as well as desert

Waltham, MA

My husband and I both like this as does my Mom. We first tried this at the Tea Leaf in Waltham, and have enjoyed it ever since. I would also like to recommend the organic turmeric ginger green tea. I bought it without trying it because it has so many ingredients featured on Dr. Oz. It was at least a 3 of 5 teapot rating--which is great for something so "healthy"!

5 Stars


I bought this tea on a whim while out shopping. I love almond-flavored things, so I figured I'd give it a try. This is absolutely my favorite tea. Ever. Aside from Earl Grey, which I've been drinking for years. Honestly, I think it smells a little like Play-Doh, but for some reason I don't find that to be a bad thing. And the hint of almond after drinking it is delightful.

5 Stars


I gave this as a gift to someone who loves almond--they LOVED it!!!

5 Stars

MY Favorite Tea

Norton, MA

This is may all time favorite flavor tea. It combines my love of almonds with the delicious flavor of black tea (and vanilla)! I buy it in bulk so that I'll never run out.

5 Stars

Just Right

Quechee, VT

What a great blend,nice and simple,a tea you could have anytime of the day or night.Great just the way it is or to make it into a treat make with milk and honey. It'll always be a tea that's in my house.

5 Stars

The best tea - a must try!

Columbus, OH

This is the first tea I had ever tried from R.of T. - so many others are delicious too - but this tea is the staple in our household. I travel with it and hope to never go without!!

5 Stars

One of the best!

Winchendon, MA

This is my favorite tea. I love it with raw sugar and vanilla soy milk. It is so smooth and delicious, I have it every night.

5 Stars

Comfort tea

Essex, MD

This is my favorite tea after a rough day. It's also a great morning tea, as it adds just a hint of sweetness to breakfast.

5 Stars

Great tasting

Cleveland, OH

Great tasting tea with a wonder aroma when you pour the hot water over the tea bag.

4 Stars

Unexpected taste

Centennial, CO

I bought this tea for a coworker, not expecting for me to actually like it. I'm more into white tea, but after I smelled her steeping it I had to have some! It almost has a cherry scent when you steep it and goes great with coffee creamer. I often find myself sneaking into my coworkers desk to steal a bag!

5 Stars


Sherman, CT

There is no other tea after drinking this one. Nothing comes close. I take it with me everywhere, even when I travel.

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever

Maui, HI

This is my favorite tea in the world. It has the perfect taste with a warm rich vanilla flavor. Yummy!!

5 Stars

My favorite!


The best tea offered, in my opinion. My favorite and especially good with milk!

4 Stars

Rich, dark flavor with nutty notes

Atlanta, GA

Rich flavor, nutty aftertaste.
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