Watermelon Mint Black Large Iced Tea Pouches

Watermelon Mint Black Large Iced Tea Pouches
Watermelon Mint Black Large Iced Tea Pouches

Perfect Picnic Tea – This iced tea captures the essence of summer with the natural, fresh sweetness of sun-ripened watermelon finished with a touch of cool peppermint. A smooth base of fine black tea rounds out this bold, bright, refresher.

Each of the eight, large, unbleached tea pouches are perfectly portioned for making it easy to brew healthy, premium iced tea at home.

The refill tea bags offered our our round tea bags, not large iced tea pouches.

Our Large Iced Tea Pouch collection won Design Gallery People's Choice Award 2013.

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More About This Product

Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Fill a kettle with a quart of fresh water and heat to a rolling boil. Place one tea pouch in a heat-safe pitcher and pour in the hot water. Steep for 3-5 minutes and remove pouch. Let cool and serve over ice. After steeping, add the used pouches to compost or soil - they make gardens happy.


Fine black tea, peppermint leaves and natural watermelon flavor



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

refreshing August 14, 2014


pittsburgh, PA

i love mint and i love watermelon so when i saw this i had to try it. it is wonderfully refreshing and has a nice cool taste.

5 Stars

Refreshing and Delicious! May 29, 2014


North Wales, PA

This sounded like such an odd combination, but to my surprise, it's delicious! Just the perfect amount of flavor - not too overwhelming but very tasty. It's a nice, refreshing summer time drink.

5 Stars



New Haven, CT

This is the best tea I've ever had in my life. Seriously. Buy it. I could drink this tea every day for the rest of my life. The watermelon flavor shines through beautifully, and there's just enough mint to be refreshing without being overpowering. Absolutely incredible.

5 Stars

Great Tea September 08, 2013


New Baden, IL

Great summertime tea.

5 Stars

Absolutely Scruptious!!!!! August 29, 2013


Brandywine, MD

The Best Ever!!!! Am not a black tea drinker but when they send the samples I try them. This seemed like a really odd combination of flavors but I was pleasantly surprised. It was wonderful!! Light and refreshing and the flavors were balanced perfectly. I came to the site and ordered away. I also gave this review which is something I never do, but felt this tea was soo good I had to.

5 Stars

Decaf please! August 17, 2013


Amery, WI

Received this in the catalogue and unexpectedly loved it. I'd love to see it in decaf so that I can completely overindulge.

5 Stars

Perfectly Refreshing July 29, 2013



I, too, received this as a sample with a catalog. My first thought was that neither watermelon nor mint appealed to me, much less the combo of both. But, as an R of T addict, I had to at least give it a try. Cut to my empty, still-icy glass moments later and I had to run out and buy a tin. Just made my third purchase of this flavor. The ultimate thirst-quencher!

5 Stars

Just ordered 3 more tins of Watermelon Mint June 26, 2013


Belvidere, IL

"THE" tea for hot, humid summer. Maybe some of my next order will get to a friend or two, find myself hoarding it just for me! Hibiscus is good too, but did not care for the Sangria as much.

5 Stars

Light and refreshing June 23, 2013


Cedar Rapids, IA

This tea is really light and refreshing. It's the perfect tea for summer. My only complaint: There needs to be a bulk bag option for this tea. We're reordering at an astounding rate.

5 Stars

"THE Summer Tea" June 14, 2013


Tulsa, OK

Delicious black tea with watermelon and a hint of mint. Refreshing! Not overpowering in the fruit or mint. I was delighted to get a sample in the catalog and once I tasted it - away I went to my computer to order some for myself and another friend who I thought would love it as well - she did!

5 Stars

Super Refreshing! June 11, 2013



A nice, light, refreshing black tea with just the right balance of mint and watermelon flavors. It's naturally sweet so I'm able to prepare it without sugar, which is definitely a plus.

I expect to be drinking this all summer long June 02, 2013


The Colony, TX

Light, delicious. When this is brewing I can smell the watermelon throughout the kitchen but the flavor is not overwhelming. The mint is light, perfectly paired with the watermelon.

5 Stars

This Tea Screams Summer May 27, 2013

Kim At Dogwood Ridge

Winnsboro, TX

This is my third reorder. I am so stuck on this tea! I wish it also came in a green tea variety. Well done Ministers of Tea, Well doneZ,

5 Stars

Makes Great Sun Tea! May 27, 2013


Carpinteria, CA

Received a sample of this tea with a catalog. Really liked it, unique. Ordered it and the Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker. Both arrived a few days ago and yesterday was so beautuful and sunny I decided to fill the 60oz Takeya pitcher (2 qts) and add two of the tea pouches. Set it on the porch in the sun and two hrs later...perfect tea. I'm going to order 6-8 tins of this tea for friends and family this summer. Nice thank you gift for someone, am going to surprise my hairdresser with one, 'hostess' gift for summer get-togethers...the ideas are endless. The price is certainly right!!

Fantastic! May 27, 2013


Jacksonville, FL

Wonderful summer tea! The mint is perfectly balanced and does not overpower the delicate watermelon flavor at all. My family has a new favorite!

5 Stars




WATERMELON MINT ICED TEA? 5 TEAPOT RATING ...MOST CERTAINLY! LIGHT, TRUE WATERMELON TASTE WITH A TOUCH OF MINT ... OH, HOW REFRESHING! HOW SPECIAL! AHH! WATERMELON MINT IS A TRUE WINNER! ...JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER! ...WHAT A DELIGHT! And a special thank you to THE REPUBLIC OF TEA for including a sample of this great new iced tea in the recent catalog. We certainly appreciate allowing us tried-and-true tea drinkers of all varieties to give your new teas a whirl. You providing WATERMELON MINT had me hooked with the sample, resulting in a 4 tin order, in addition to the long list of my other favorite REPUBLIC OF TEA selections! GREAT FLAVOR and one my household will NEVER BE WITHOUT! My household & guests absolutely LOVE ...WATERMELON MINT!

5 Stars

Pleasantly Surprised May 23, 2013


Meridian, MS

The thought of watermelon and mint together didn't appeal to me. I also didn't expect much flavor(Sorry but most of the teas I've tried are weak). But I was pleasantly surprised, so much so, I wanted to see what the prices were like. I do wish it came in individual portions. I like it hot. The Watermelon is great I barely taste the mint which is ok. Good job!!

5 Stars

Granddaughter loves it too! May 23, 2013


Chardon, OH

I like to send little surprises in cards to my granddaughter. She loves watermelon so I put the free sample in the last card I sent to her. She loves it and I'm here to order more so I can have a taste! I think it's going to be a big hit this summer in our family!

5 Stars

One Word: Wow! May 23, 2013

Susan Liller

Lagrange, OH

Was worried I wasted my money, but the watermelon flavor is real, just enough, and the mint is not too much like I worried it would be. But a perfect balance; can taste first black tea, then watermelon and the mint is the finish. I used stevia to sweeten it and can't even taste the usually bitter aftertaste of the stevia! (I think the mint covers it) My new favorite!

5 Stars

Amazing tea May 20, 2013


Boca Raton, FL

I just got this sample and am immediately and impatiently purchasing a tin. I'm generally not a fan of black tea blends, I prefer the white or herbal. But this is the most refreshing tea I have tasted in a long time. I would give it ten teapots if it were possible. Yum!

1 Star

Undrinkable May 20, 2013


Miami, FL

Who thought of this combination?! I actually had to spit it out. Blackberry Sage is great, and Cranberry Blood Orange is very good for iced tea, but watermelon mint is a truly puzzling flavor.

Incredible May 20, 2013


sheboyganfalls, WI

I was delighted to get the individual sample. It was perfect with a nice balance between the watermelon and the mint. Sure would be nice to have individual bags available all year. I have a new favorite!

5 Stars

Love this tea!! May 20, 2013


Pendleton, OR

This tea is totally awesome and so refreshing. I just wish it came in bulk loose leaf.

5 Stars

Awesome! May 18, 2013

Chris Grae

Baltimore, MD

I received this tea as a sample with the latest catalog from Republic of Tea. I was about to make a new pitcher of iced tea so decided to try this tea, even though I'm not at all fond of watermelon 'flavor' or having too much mint flavor in my teas. I was very happily surprised by the absolute perfection of this tea! The mint wasn't at all overpowering and the watermelon flavor was absolutely delicious and tasted like the real deal, rather than that sickening watermelon flavored candy. Good sample to send out, Republic. I will definitely be buying more of this one! My new favorite tea, already done drinking half a pitcher.

5 Stars

So delicious! May 18, 2013


Charleston, WV

This tastes like real watermelon--as opposed to what I call "watermelon Jolly Rancher flavored." Like many others, I am wishing it came more than 8 bags to a tin, because that won't last a week around here. We take our iced tea seriously here. :)

5 Stars

Tastes like running through the sprinkler on a hot day May 16, 2013


Chantilly, VA

OMG! I received a sample in my catalogue and made it up immediately. This tea is the Bomb! I'm craving more.

5 Stars

Great tea, need bulk package May 15, 2013


Fresno, CA

This is great iced tea and a wonderful way to cool off on our hot summer days. Wish you would make it available in bulk packaging as 8 bags isn't much at a time.

5 Stars

One of my favorite Samples yet! May 14, 2013


Hackettstown, NJ

INCREDIBLE taste! This couldn't have come at a better time! Sipping it now, and I had to review it! If you like WATERMELON, you will LOVE this!

5 Stars

this makes great iced tea May 14, 2013


Brick, NJ

I really love this iced tea. It has a great, refreshing taste. I used one of these bags and added 6 decaf tea bags to make 2 quarts. Great!

5 Stars

Perfect summer tea May 12, 2013

Kim Burlingham

Winnsboro, TX

I got a sample of this in my catalog and it was love at first sip! I like the idea of watermelon flavor but haven't ever really liked any, be it gum or candy... Until now! This was very refreshing after coming in from gardening. So here I am, ordering my summer stash!

5 Stars

Absolutely Delicious May 06, 2013


Boise, ID

Bought this at Whole Foods in Boise. I can't resist a new product, especially now that the weather is getting warmer and this was for iced tea. Watermelon scented with a definite watermelon-y taste. I don't taste the mint up front, but it provides a nice, crisp finish to the sip. Not sure why a previous reviewer mentioned cardboard and rind. It's a perfect combination to me with a wonderful taste. Hits the spot when I want something sweet but don't want to eat sugar since it's great without any sweetener. Highly recommend - but wish like crazy that it was decaf. Will try the other flavors in the Iced Tea line next!

5 Stars

Deeelicious! May 04, 2013


Los Angeles, CA

My best friend mentioned that she wanted to try this tea, and when I saw it, I had to try it. Brewed 2 pouches in 2 quarts for 5 minutes... Absolute perfection! Going to be a definite staple to my tea garden. A close second to my favorite, Ginger Peach.

5 Stars

Unlimited Refills May 04, 2013


Redmond, WA

Great tea, tastes a lot like the blends that I get in some of my favorite restaurants. this will keep me coming back for many refills. After finishing off my first tin of this one I went looking for a way to buy stock in this company. found out they are private but that won't stop me from enjoying this great tea with just enough watermelon and mint so that I know its there, but nothing to overpowering or sweet.

5 Stars

Refreshing! May 02, 2013


Colorado Springs, CO

Very delicious. Just the right amount of mint. Perfect way to cool down on a hot day!

1 Star

Tastes like watermelon rind April 22, 2013


Charlotte, NC

I was so looking forward to this tea. I had images of luscious watermelon embraced by mint...a truly refreshing idea! When the tea was made, it smelled like watermelon, but no mint. Still, it smelled tasty. Imagine my shock when my first taste was of watermelon RIND and cardboard, without even a hint of mint! Totally disappointing. I really think this tea needs to be reworked to present the consumer with an accurate rendition of what the name entails.

5 Stars

Watermelon Yum! April 21, 2013

M Tripp


Yum yum yum! Reminds me of chewing watermelon bubblegum in the hot Midwestern summers as a kid. Not artificial or overpowering but sweet enough with no sweeteners to be truly refreshing and delicious!
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