Wild Berry Plum Green Tea Bags

Wild Berry Plum Green Tea Bags
Wild Berry Plum Green Tea Bags

Daily Green Tea - A distinctly clean and bright flavored healthy China green tea. The heady aroma of sweet berries is balanced with the tartness of ripe plum, a flavorful way to refresh the day.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Green tea contains less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping green tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 1-3 minutes (if using a tea bag) or 2-4 minutes (if using full-leaf tea.)


China green tea, black currant pieces, natural flavors



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  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

My favorite iced tea!

Cincinnati , OH

Refreshing and light over ice! My favorite hot weather iced tea. Faint berries, plum, and green tea notes are excellent lightly sweetened or unsweetened.

5 Stars

Love it

Columbia Gorge, OR

This is really lovely. A great, fruity blend, in which you can really taste the plum. I've been sticking a bag in my water bottle in the morning, and just refreshing the water throughout the day, and the lovely flavor stays with me! Definitely a new favorite.

5 Stars

Great for ice or hot tea

Philadelphia, PA

If u want a tea flavor that can be used hot or cold this is it. So tasty u don't have to add anything to it just perfect the way it is.

5 Stars

My favorite by FAR!!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wild Berry Plum is the BEST tea EVER. I'm 53 and have been drinking tea since adolescence, though just the ÔÇťordinary" black tea before moving from CT to CA in 2001, being introduced to green tea by my GF and realizing the benefits of green tea. I was fortunate to just walk across the street to a WF store, try dozens of flavors and brands then discovering Republic of Tea's Wild Berry Plum. YEA! Well, a job op moved me to UT only to find WFs and others carrying 4-10 other Republic of Tea flavors, but not my fave. :( I'd buy 5 cans on each of my increasingly less frequent visits to CA (my fam is back east) before realizing I can order it online even less expensive than walking across the street, LOL. WOW! What more can I say? It will behoove you to try it yourself. Beauty/yumminess is in the eye/taste buds of the beholder...

5 Stars

Great for ice tea or served hot

Phila, PA

Drinking this for years and never let's me down on flavor

5 Stars

So good!

Wickliffe, OH

This is a great tea I can actually enjoy. The fruity undertones adds just the right amount of delicate flavor. Love it!

5 Stars


El Paso, TX

My daughter-in-law gave a tin of this tea...I LOVE IT. You just feel good when drinking it. I will be buying this tea, a new favorite!!!

5 Stars

Sanger, TX

This has been our family's favorite tea (either hot or cold) for many years. I order it in bulk and fill previously used tins myself sealing them with scotch tape to keep it fresh and putting a purchased date on the bottom of the can. Can't believe you no longer include it in your catalogue; however, fortunately, you still carry it so I always ask for it by name. We do NOT drink coffee and actually love the flavor and comfort provided by Wild Berry Plum green tea. Please don't stop stocking it!

5 Stars

Glenora, NY

This is the one tea I drink all day long. Never am I without a cup of my Daily Green Wild Berry Plum Tea. I buy the huge bags so I never run out. At Christmas Time I tend to mix it with the Holiday tea. Really good together. Tasting notes: fresh berries and the tart plum are very refreshing. Buy it you will love it!

5 Stars


Ridgefield, WA

this has been our favorite tea for several years, we just love it! I have continued to purchase this tea, and find when we run out of it, we just need to reorder. Its a keeper.

5 Stars


Charleston, WV

Oh, this is another light tea with a little zing to it. It is quite delightful. Love the green tea series.

5 Stars


Indio, CA

This is one of my favorite green teas. It is fruity and great tasting.

3 Stars

Very Tangy

Mobile, AL

It was much more tangy than I thought it would be; not my favorite thing.

5 Stars

I love this tea

Magee, MS

I love this tea..it has a rich flavor...will order more.

4 Stars

Cherryvale, KS

Very refreshing. Just the right combination of sweet and tart.

5 Stars

Pickerington, OH

I have been looking for several years for a tea to replace a plain wild plum you used to sell. This is it. It is tart enough that I know the plum is there but the final taste is sweeter I think because of the berries. May be even better as an iced tea--I'll try it soon.

5 Stars

Back for more!

Renton, WA

Had a cup of this at a friend's home and almost could not wait to get home and order a can for myself. Excellent flavor as well as refreshing.

5 Stars

Wonderful flavor

Phoenix, AZ

This blend is quite lovely. I enjoy the balance of sweet and tart flavors--very uplifting.

4 Stars

, MO

I like this flavor when I don't want overly sweet or strong tea. I like it because it has a hint of the flavors without overpowering and it is what I crave when my stomach is not right.

5 Stars

Evenly balanced sweet to tart

Inverness, FL

I keep a tin, my daughter has one, and we keep a 250 refill in the cupboard, because this tea is the most popular tea in our household for all day sipping. Never have had any guest dislike it. When in doubt about which overall tea to invest in, choose this one. You can't lose.

3 Stars

A Little Too Sweet

Garden Grove, CA

There is certainly nothing wrong with this tea. It's just too sweet for me!

3 Stars

Unusually Lackluster


Not as good as I remembered - lacking the engaging fruity notes. When varying steeping times the flavor only seems to range between watery and overly steeped. I'm hoping this is a bad batch - this used to be my absolute favorite tea.

5 Stars

My Personal Favorite

Wayne, PA

The wild Berry Plum is hands down my favorite tea. I prefer a Green tea. The fruity flavor is smooth, and not too sweet, a perfect balance. My daughters and I enjoy this year round as a hot tea, or iced tea. I have been going through a move over the past year and a half, and have been out of my tea! I finally got around to reordering it last week, and have since had a cup everyday. It's like a little piece of home.

5 Stars

Wild Berry Plum Green Tea

Tucson, AZ

This has been my latest favorite tea for 2011.

5 Stars



Lots of fruity taste. Very good.

5 Stars

This if my favorite tea!

Shrewsbury, PA

To me, it is a wonderful soothing, delightful tasting tea. No need for sugar or milk, perfect as is!

5 Stars

Wonderful tea for every day!

Downers Grove, IL

We love this tea! I've been drinking it for years, but my husband just gave up coffee and now he is drinking it every day as well. We never get tired of it and it goes well with everything. We order it in bulk and we both drink it at the office as well.

4 Stars

Thanksgiving and Fall refresher

Yourba Linda, CA

rich plum flavor and the tartness of the wild berries compliment the green tea

5 Stars

Wild Berry Plum on Ice

Alpine, CA

I drink ice green tea daily and this is my favorite green! No sweetener needed, just cold and refreshing. There is always a pitcher ready in the fridge!

5 Stars

Refreshing and goes with everything

Downers Grove, IL

This is my all-time favorite tea for everyday. It's been my go-to tea for severa years now and I enjoy in in all seasons with all kinds of foods or just by itself. The hint of berry/plum flavor is just enough to keep it interesting without overpowering. The aroma is wonderful.

5 Stars

A great tasting tea!!!!!

Magnolia, DE

This is a great tasting tea! I had plum tea many years ago. The distributor stopped making it and I have been missing the taste of plum tea for years. This tea is even better than I remembered!!!

5 Stars

Sweet and Subtle

Brooklyn Park, MN

This tea has a smooth sweet berry taste. I always use one packet of Truvia to make this the perfect 0 calorie drink! You can't go wrong with tea. :)
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