Theo & Thea® Dessert Teas

Discover our most indulgent teas yet. Sip flavors inspired by classic desserts like Bananas Foster, Blood Orange Spice, Mint Chip Crème and Caramel Coconut in commercially compostable tea sachets.

Feel Good Teas to Feel Good About

Lift your spirits with cacao and tea, two incredible superfoods rich in theobromine and L-theanine to brighten your day right from your cup.

Sustainable Innovation

Our first tea within commercially compostable sachets, Theo & Thea® tea sachets are made from BPA-free polyactic acid resin derived from renewable resources. Sip our indulgent dessert teas without extra tags, strings or staples.

Hot or Iced Desserts

Every flavor of our Theo & Thea® collection can be steeped and enjoyed warm or poured over ice. Try a splash of milk for a flavorful tea latte.

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