Here they are – our top picks, the best of the best teas on offer at The Republic of Tea. Favorite customer flavors such as Ginger Peach Black Tea, Earl Greyer Black Tea, and Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate Tea surprise and delight your senses with each sip. Browse our exciting selection of popular best sellers to find your new favorite today!

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  • Biodynamic® Turmeric Cinnamon Tea

    Grown with a conscious approach to agriculture that emphasizes self-sustainability.

    Harvested from self-sustaining, ecological farms in Sri Lanka.

    A Sip on the Bright Side - Premium, 100% Biodynamic® turmeric and cinnamon are grown by a collective of four certified Biodynamic® farms in central Sri Lanka that are committed to biodiversity and sustainability. Reputed to balance and support a healthy response to inflammation, these earthy, full-bodied spices have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine.

  • Organic Lean Green SuperGreen Tea Bags

    This pale golden infusion's sweet and spicy notes linger long after the cup is sipped. A great tea for cinnamon lovers!


    For thousands of years, people have sipped green tea to stay healthy. When ground into a fine powder, green tea leaves transform into matcha, and all those incredible mind-body benefits multiply. We've blended both premium Japanese matcha and green tea leaves with powerful herbs for a healthy, flavorful, smooth-tasting infusion.

    Organic Tea for Weight Loss*

    Skinny never tasted so good. Green tea and matcha are known for increasing metabolism.* To this base, we added cinnamon, which can suppress your appetite and alleviate cravings,* and the skin of the garcinia cambogia fruit, which studies have shown inhibits fat production.* Perfect for any time of day, a cup of this spicy-sweet tea will keep you on track toward your weight-loss goals.


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Health Benefits

Tea is celebrated around the globe for its numerous healing properties. Our best-selling teas come in a variety of flavors and styles, and each offer their own unique health benefits, such as our weight loss teas. Browse through our full section of best-sellers to find the tea that offers the health benefits you’re looking for, from improved mental clarity to boosted antioxidant levels and more.

Certified Teas

The Republic of Tea is proud to offer teas that meet a number of important global certifications, including our:     Many of our best selling teas meet one or more of these certifications, such as our Peppermint Bark Tea, which meets all of the above certifications.

Flavored Teas

From soothing lemon Chamomile Tea to sweet and soothing Vanilla Tea, our best-sellers encapsulate numerous flavored teas. Whether you want something bold, spicy, subtle, or floral, you’re sure to find our top selling flavored teas a delight.