Biocomposite Lastu Tipping Teacup
Biocomposite Lastu Tipping Teacup

Combine functionality and style in your cup with the modern Lastu Tipping Teacup. Made with the planet in mind, this teacup is made with a stainless steel filter and a Finnish wood biocomposite with an 87% lower carbon footprint than plastics. UPM Formi EcoAce wood is made from almost 100% renewable sources, from Finnish wood industry sidestreams so no trees need to be harvested for it.

Biocomposite Lastu Tipping Teacup
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Featuring an angular base and an in-cup infuser, tea leaves do not need to be removed from the cup to stop steeping. Once your tea reaches the desired strength, simply tilt the cup to the other side and your tea is ready to enjoy. This modern teacup boasts a natural white color, with a rough surface that showcases its sustainable wooden composition. Your Lastu Teacup will look wonderful in a modern style home, or alongside any tea lover's sipware collection.


Finnish wood biocomposite, stainless steel

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Dishwasher Safe

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