A Visit to Chamraj Tea Estate

Posted: 04/15/2013

On today’s excursion, we took a journey to Chamraj Tea Estate which producesRainforest Alliance Certified TeaFair Trade Certified Tea, and UTZ Certified Tea. The estate is set among rolling hills covered in dense vegetation and natural forest interspersed with small villages. At an elevation of over 6,500 feet, the production of high quality, orthodox Indian Black Tea, Indian Green Tea and Indian Oolong Tea is possible. This estate, located in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, South India is one of a group of four neighboring tea estates owned by United Nilgiri Tea Estates (UNTE) and one of the gardens where we source our premium Indian tea.

At the Chamraj Estate, Ministers were able to take their own journey through tea as they experienced the tea sourcing process from beginning to end.

Read McNamara, Minister of NorthEast Commerce shares his experience from Chamraj Estate!

Visiting the Chamraj tea estate, 6,000+ feet in the mountains, was a once in a lifetime experience. The passion for, and commitment to producing premium quality tea was obvious in everything we saw and everyone we spoke with. We were lucky enough to spend the night at the estate manager’s house and enjoyed an amazing dinner together outside above the tea gardens. The next morning we enjoyed cupping teas and even had the chance to wander the estate and try our hand at plucking! The experience gives me a new appreciation for the time and care given to producing the world’s finest tea.

Read gets a lesson on plucking tea at Chamraj Estate

On our journey through Chamraj, we also had the pleasure of visiting the local Chamraj orphanage. Here we met local girls and boys who greeted us with a dance and posed as we took their photo.

We’d love to hear what you think about our recent visit to Chamraj. Share with us in the comment section or via our social media channels, where we’re also sharing stories from our journey!

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